Cem Anos De Solidao [Gabriel Garcia Marquez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Neste, que e um dos maiores classicos de Gabriel. 11 out. Stream Cem Anos De Solidao – Gabriel Garcia Marquez by VP Estudios from desktop or your mobile device. Um dia desses eu resolvi reler Cem Anos de Solido, porque percebi que, por mais que soubesse que um dos meus livros preferidos, eu no me lembrava muita .

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More like A Hundred Years of Torture. When I start coughing and ahos on the first cigarette, that is my body telling me this isn’t good for me and I should quit right there.

Jose Arcadio, Aureliano and Amaranta. And as the circle closes on Macondo and the Buendias, you realize that Mr.

A fictional version of the massacre is depicted in the novel. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. The fate of Macondo is both doomed and predetermined from its very existence. View all 40 comments.

The Flood The story has a biblical period of rain and flood, oslidao similar to the tale of Noah. Names that will be repeated in the seven generations, which makes it very confusing, but interesting.

At first no one took him seriously.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – Wikipedia

The extraordinary events and characters are fabricated. View all 26 comments. He really had been through death, but he had returned because he could not bear the solitude. In the end they have three children: I finally tore out the family tree at the beginning of the book and used it as a bookmark!


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Beyond that it’s just conjecture. Most people who read for relaxation and entertainment will want to send Marquez hate mail. Past may be a burden but it is also a great guiding force without which there’s no future. The novel topped the list of books that have most shaped world literature over the last 25 years, according to a survey of international writers commissioned by the global literary journal Wasafiri as a part of its 25 th -anniversary celebration. I can literally feel new wrinkles spreading across the surface of my brain when I read this guy.

I was born in a communist Latin-American country and lived there as a young child. In fact, I’m not even sure it qualifies as a novel at all. Please try again later. History gets back at them again and again and every generation is but a repeat of the past.

Just a anox while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In his rush to get the bare bones on paper, he forgot to add the things which bring a story alive. The lack of characterisation is such that the story basically reads like an unchronological chronicle of deeds and events that go on for ever without any attempt at an explanation or psychological depth. There are three main mythical elements of the novel: I know that other people love this book and more power to them, I’ve tried to read it all the way through three different times and never made it past pages before I get snos bored keeping up with all the births, deaths, magical events and mythical legends.


Most people who read for relaxation and entertainment will want to send Marquez hate mail. The Point of Myth? In Macondo, gold represents solitude and soolidao luck. It is no wonder that this work is celebrated for being almost biblical in scope. He obviously does, or this wouldn’t be the hugely popular book it is. Like any other parabolic myth, One Hundred Years satisfies many interpretations, even contradictory ones: These same acade So I know that I’m supposed to like this book because it is a classic and by the same author who wrote Love in the Time of Cholera.

Even books that don’t describe the rules of their worlds or the setting properly don’t turn me off, but since this book is universally praised as a “master piece” I was expecting more.

Colonel Aureliano Buendia was amused at his alarm. One of the Buendias, Colonel Aureliano, takes up a piece of metalwork as new and strange as a gun to mount a revolt and bring the promised glory to his land.