R. R. R. PIN #1 REF. +/ +/ ). + / ( +/ . LF = Tin-plated (lead free). • Blank = Tin/Lead-plated. The RLF is a thick film Isolated Resistor Network with superior package integrity and compatible with automatic insertion equipment, DIP package of. Buy online R-LF 47 Ohm isolated resistor network by Bourns. Download Bourns R series network resistor t price and availability.

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To read the pot, I forced the lines on AIN. Unfortunately though I think I 4116e home after a few drinks and poked around looking for shorts, so I don’t remember exactly where it was.

Arduino-powered breakout board with a shift register for each meter?


I am still only at the very start of the controller design stage so I just want to make sure I don’t design ld that’s impractical. It’s compact, has a few buttons custom ones can have knobs I believe? Is it possible to output values with MIOS32? Community Reputation 0 Neutral. A5, not reading the single pot I had connected at J1.


Bourns 4116r LF 1-330 Resistor Network

Back into it now though. Clamped the cable down and set the mux control lines up. A0 – my pot! Anything I can try?

The cables are short, maximum 10cm. Thanks a lot for your help julienvoirin! I will admit I am intimidated by the idea of a BLM haha. Sometimes, during startup, all connected LEDs will turn on for a few seconds and then all off. Touching pins on J5C causes jitter activity.

R Datasheet(PDF) – Bourns Electronic Solutions

Thanks in advance, Tom. A3 – 8 J5B. A3 – 4 J5B.

J5 also causes activity. Multiply this by 10 and I’m wondering if it would cause responsiveness issues. S0 I can even do it by hovering my finger close to said pin.

All Activity Home Underskor.

I am also now getting an “Unrecognised USB device – device has malfunctioned” tooltip on windows XP which I wasn’t getting before, however if I use the J27 jumper and load the Bootloader, this notification does not occur.


Hope you guys can help: J1 – no luck: Seems to be working OK, haven’t done much testing though. A0, and grounded AIN: Removed all s but J5. A4 – 16 etc Thanks for both of your replies. Pin 5 of the is J1. Might be really obvious but it’s not clicking for me. Big thanks to SmashTV and the guys on midibox, it was all them.

Underskor – MIDIbox Forum

Are these the correct resistor networks? Well it works, somehow! A1 – 2 J5A. Ah my mistake, I was reading the pin numbers in place of the binary columns for lack of better words. Hope this thread helps someone out one day!

Have been away for a while, exams and stuff.