AE[edit]. 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. I6 and V8 versions similar. However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle. One of the most common misconceptions about the IS (and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic) is its ability to handle some. AE AT (RMU). TERMS. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. Abbreviations. Meaning. A/T. Automatic Transmission. ATF. Automatic Transmission.

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The Toyota AE five-speed automatic transmission matched engines in a wide range of Lexus luxury cars from to The AE five-speed automatic had a 3. The electrical solenoid that controls the flow of transmission fluid to the lock up clutch in the torque converter is wired in series with the brake light transmisson.

Toyota A transmission

Either abuse or high mileage will eventually lead to you needing to make a choice to replace the transmission. Everyones mileage will vary, no doubt, and part of its longevity rests with you, the driver, but this will be the best thing you can do without spending a ton of money. The next item to check is the front pump and torque converter. Maximum power using the stock internals should be limited to significantly higher than the standard AE used with transmiseion 2JZ-GE normally aspirated engine.

I knew, going in, that my stock transmission might not last too long, so I was prepared to do some experimenting. There are small holes inside the transmisison that you do not want to block, but the a design prevents that to an extent.

It is my opinion that these rods that people do are not good for transmission 6a50e at all. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. When the brakes are applied, the flow of fluid a650w the lock up solenoid is stopped and the clutch will disengage.


This particular version has a weak reverse – prone to noise and failure – failure included problems with 1st brake. In this article, I will outline what it takes to make it handle some power on the cheap, mods that almost anyone can do. The second part includes raising the rev limiter and a few other little tricks.

q650e The IS ‘s performance was excellent with the automatic, achieving zero to 60 mph in less than seven seconds. It was also q650e in the entry-level IS and the high-end, full-size to LS and LS The torque converter can lockup from 2nd to 6th gears. The reverse gear ratio was 3. Use the transmission selector buttons to maintain the gear you want.

One of the most a6650e misconceptions about the IS and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic is its ability to handle some real power. I shimmed all 4 of mine approximately 15 mm. Replacement of this governor gear is relatively inexpensive compared to a replacement transmission as it can be serviced without taking the transmission out of the car.

Yet, potential buyers noted that while the AE was fine, the IS lacked a manual transmission. Transmissikn was never able to find good information on stock spring rate, or even find a good source for stiffer springs that would fit properly. If there is enough debris to clog the filter, you have a serious problem somewhere else in the transmission.

Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The AE Automatic Transmission

Connects to external oil cooler. Next, check the manual valve in the valve body. This article does not cite any sources. Same gear ratios as the AA80E but a shorter 3.


What I have ended up with is a transmission that was amazing at a whp level over ft lb of torque alsoand today, is still holding up to whp, once in 3rd gear and above. To check availability on a discussed transmission family, give ETE a call directly at Drop a hammer on a piece of glass versus lay a hammer on a piece of glass. The A45DE, like the AE, provided conventional automatic mode or a manual mode to determine shift points.

The first thing you should check is the kick down circuit. To shorten the travel, I simply made bushings for the springs.

Yet the A provided smooth shifting and helped increase fuel efficiency. Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources. The springs need to be stiffer to make the shifts firmer, but they still need to be tranmission place to maintain a little bit of shift damping.

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Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The A650E Automatic Transmission

The AE also demonstrated that it could handle the additional stress of more horsepower in the LSwhich was equipped with the horsepower, 4. Make sure the valve moves freely with little effort. That was attempt 2.

It has a very steep first gear ratio of 3. The 2jz is very capable of spinning higher than the stock rpm redline.