The A function generator and all associated options will be The Keysight Technologies A func- . Operating manual, service manual, quick. Agilent A. 20 MHz Function /. Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Service Guide . Publication Number (order as manual set). Agilent A. Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator .. trigger from the rear- panel Trig In connector, a manual trigger from the key, or a software (bus) trigger .

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Single, External, or Internal Carrier Waveforms: When enabled, a TTL-compatible square waveform with either mxnual rising edge default or falling edge is output from the Trig Out connector at the beginning of the sweep. Press the FSK Rate softkey and then set the value to Hz using the numeric keypad or the knob and cursor keys. Select the source from which the function generator will accept a trigger. Chapter 3 Features and Functions Output Configuration Output Frequency As shown below, the output frequency range depends on the function currently selected.

TIME command to mankal the number of seconds required to sweep from the start frequency to the stop afilent. Square waveforms are created by routing a DDS-generated sine wave into a comparator. Option is the External Timebase Reference, which provides rear panel connectors 10 MHz In and 10 MHz Out and circuitry to allow synchronization between multiple Agilent A function generators or to an external 10 MHz clock signal.

All of the A product documenation is provided on the Agilent A Product Reference CD that comes with the product, and is also available on the Web at www. You may never have to change some of the parameters discussed here, but they are 333220a to give you the flexibility you might need.

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Chapter 3 Features and Functions Aglent Overview To Unsecure for Calibration You can unsecure the function generator either from the front panel or over the remote interface.

The Nyquist Sampling Theorem states that in order to prevent aliasing, the highest frequency component of the desired output waveform must be less than half of the sampling frequency.

Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; triggered burst not available for noise You cannot use the noise function in the triggered burst mode. Errors are 33220a as you read them.

Agilent Technologies 33220A User Manual

The purpose of this command is to allow you to append this query response to an APPL: An elliptical filter is used for continuous sine waves because of its nearly flat passband and sharp cutoff above 20 MHz.

Creating Arbitrary Waveforms or interpolate as necessary to fill waveform memory.

Page 65 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Output Configuration Duty Cycle Square Waves The duty cycle of a square wave represents the amount of time per cycle that the square wave is at a high level assuming that the waveform is not inverted. Unsecure or secure the agilebt for calibration.

33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz

Mankal 3 Features and Functions Remote Interface Configuration Subnet Mask LAN Subnetting allows the network administrator to divide a network into smaller networks to simplify administration and to minimize network traffic. Interface Configuration Commands including the key. This generic message indicates that the offset voltage has been limited to an upper or lower boundary. For example, if you select a period using the PULS: You can use burst in one of two modes as described below.


This chapter does not give a detailed description of every front-panel key or menu operation. Each character can be a letter “a” Page Chapter 3 Aagilent and Functions System-Related Operations Beeper Control Normally, the function generator will emit a tone when an error is generated from the front-panel or over the remote interface.

Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Sweep Marker Frequency If desired, you can set the frequency at which agileng signal on the front- panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep.

A list of help topics is also available to assist you with several front-panel operations. The default frequency is 1 kHz for all functions. The default is OFF. Agilnet is because the waveform may have a non-zero average value that would be added to the DC Offset. Chapter 5 Error Messages Command Errors String data not allowed A character string was received but is not allowed for this command.

MIN selects the most negative dc offset voltage for the selected function and amplitude. The default is 10 Hz. However, waveforms of greater than 16, 16K points cannot be edited from the Agilent Agklent front panel. This command returns a string in the form: