This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: PSA Series. EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). Agilent Technologies. PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3.

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Page 70 In Case of Difficulty Before calling Agilent Technologies, however or returning an analyzer for serviceperform the quick checks listed in the problem.

The entry fields show the parameters for the files viewed. Got it, continue to print. Using The Front Panel Using the Front Panel Entering Data When setting measurement parameters, there are several ways to enter or modify the value of the active function: File Menu Functions This chapter describes how to use the functions located under the front-panel Data storage and retrieval are handled similarly to that of personal computers PCs. Notice The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

In Case Of Difficulty In Case of Difficulty This chapter includes information on how to check for a problem with your Agilent Technologies spectrum analyzer, and how to return it for service. Using the Front Panel Entering Data When setting measurement parameters, there are several ways to enter or modify the value of the active function: This analyzer does not contain customer serviceable fuses.

Making a Basic Measurement This chapter provides information on basic analyzer operation. To access the Load menu, press 3. Front and Rear Panel Features This chapter gives you an overview of the front and rear panels of your analyzer. Reset the analyzer by pressing 2.

Agilent Technologies E4440A Getting Started Manual

EA 3 Hz – In this example you will save a trace to the internal C: Options and Accessories Ordering Options and Accessories Ordering Options and Accessories Options and accessories help you configure the analyzer for your specific applications, and enable you to use the analyzer.


Item Name Access features used with all analyzer modes and affect the state of the entire spectrum System Keys analyzer. Front and Rear Panel Features Key Overview In other key menus, one key label will always be highlighted to show which key has been selected but the menu is immediately exited when a selection is made.

Page 53 NOTE You should notice that agjlent trace you saved, in this example trace 3, is loaded to trace 2. Also, listen for internal fan noise to determine if the analyzer cooling fans are running.

Place a marker labeled 1 on the 10 MHz peak, as shown in Press Peak Search Note that the frequency and amplitude of the marker appear both in the active function block, and in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The analyzer was shipped sgilent the factory with the Alignments mode set to Auto. Creating A Directory b. This setting enables the alignment routine to run automatically either every 24 hours, or when the internal analyzer temperature changes 3 C.

Page 44 Viewing Catalogs and Saving Files The analyzer stores and retrieves data similarly to the way that a personal computer PC does: If so, refer to the Instrument Messages and Functional Tests manual. Turning on the Analyzer for the First Time Plug in the power cord. When you have completed the printer setup for the analyzer, press the front panel key.

Types of Spectrum Analyzer Messages The analyzer can generate various messages that appear on the display during operation. Set the frequency span to 50 MHz: Options see page Unless specified otherwise, all options are available when you order a spectrum analyzer; some options are also available as kits that you can order and install after you receive the analyzer.


Entry fields that are being modified or are modifiable are indicated by highlighting inverse video. Installation and Setup Running Internal Alignments Running Internal Alignments Each time the analyzer is powered on, the internal alignment routine runs automatically.

E4440A PSA Spectrum Analyzer, 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz

Surround the equipment with three to four inches of packing material and prevent the equipment from moving in the carton. The only green key ailent the key, which performs an analyzer reset A summary of all front Preset WARNING If this product is to be energized via an external auto transformer for voltage reduction, make sure that its common terminal is connected to a neutral earthed pole of the power supply.

If packing foam is not available, the best alternative is S. If the softkeys Preset Factory Preset maual.

Page 34 Making a Basic Measurement This chapter is divided into the following sections: If the printer is ready and the printer setup was successful, a printout of the analyzer display will be printed.

Press If the previously performed alignments did not resolve the problem, press Alignments Restore Align Defaults Is the analyzer displaying an error message? Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge Electrostatic discharge ESD can damage or destroy electronic components the possibility of unseen damage caused by ESD is present whenever components are transported, stored, or used.

Verify that the contents of the shipping container are complete.


Improving Frequency Accuracy s4440a Knob Increments or decrements the current value. Sales and Service Office and are listed below. AC Power Cords Chapter The battery is located on the CPU board.

Press to execute the operation.