The Work performed under this Contract has been reviewed and found, to the Construction Manager’s and Architect’s best knowledge, information and belief. ~AIA Document G~ — Certificate of Substantial Completion. PROJECT: (Name and address). PROJECT NUMBER: OWNER l~. RURAL DEVELOPMENT ATTACHMENT TO. AIA DOCUMENT G “ CERTIFICATION OF SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION”. CURRENT EDITION. Project.

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Site visits are typically necessary for determining conformance of the completed work to the requirements of the contract documents, and the AIA General Conditions require.

If the doument and frequency of visits are prescribed in the services agreement, such as one time per week, consideration should be made for an alternate construction contract administrator to substitute in the event of illness or other absences by the assigned administrator.

Site Visits Site visits are typically necessary for determining conformance of the completed work to the requirements of the contract documents, and the AIA General Conditions require, The Architect will visit the site at intervals appropriate dofument the stage of construction, or as otherwise agreed with the Owner. Submittal requirements should be discussed in the Preconstruction Conference, including the requirement for submission of a Submittal Schedule.

The architect should insist on detailed minutes of all such meetings held by the contractor, especially meetings where the architect is not in attendance. Attendees should take notes in all meetings. The communications documetn for construction have not significantly changed in the past century.

In this case, In-Place Mock-ups can be scheduled where the initial installation of a product or system can be documsnt as construction is begun. Project Meetings Discussion Summary: Any other production or use is strictly prohibited.

Definition of Certificate of Substantial Completion

Since information is required by the owner, architect and contractor during the construction process, the AIA document G, …is intended to provide a standard form for an owner, architect, contractor or other party to request information from dpcument other during construction. Certify is defined as.


RFI Processing The communications required for construction have not significantly changed in the past century. The author and the AIA Trust assume no liability for the use of this information by AIA members or by others who by clicking on any of the links above have agreed to use the same at their sole risk.

The types and number of meetings play a significant role in the exchange of documeng necessary to complete the construction process. Consultants Contracted Directly With the Owner —This is the same issue that was addressed in ddocument payment.

The contractor is solely responsible for the work, g7004 the architect is not required to authenticate or verify in writing that the contractor has fulfilled its contracted responsibility. Check state regulatory requirements for required site visits.

This can be supported by adding a notation on the Certificate or on the letter of transmittal when the certification for payment is sent to the owner. Send an RFI to the contractor if change order pricing is not timely.

AIA Documents Flashcards Preview

A list of known owner-accepted nonconforming work should be maintained by the architect throughout construction. The areas discussed below may or may not be required on a particular project, and services and activities in addition to those addressed below may be required.

This will avoid the inadvertent omission of a portion of the project in the event documment area is overlooked or disputed.

It is also important to clearly indicate the portion of the project that is being addressed by the certificate. The architect should be invited to these meetings. If the owner is seeking approval of the change order pricing, it should retain a job cost consultant for that purpose. Address any special administrative requirements in the preconstruction conference. Require notarized contractor signatures on the application.


The architect also signs change orders and construction change directives, both of which modify the scope of the project.

Project Meetings Projects cannot be constructed by one person; therefore project meetings are necessary to facilitate project communications. Log and track changes independently from contractor.

4specs Discussion Forum: AIA DOCUMENT G

Check to be sure the designated portion of the project is clearly indicated. Untimely or negligent change order management by the contractor presents an opportunity for the use of a Request for Information submitted by the owner or the architect. The last certificate that is issued should include the notification; this certificate applies to all remaining areas of the project. Enforce submission of a submittal schedule from the contractor. Moreover, when an engineer contracts directly with an owner, it becomes the Engineer of Record for its portion of the work, and accordingly it should issue a separate certificate of substantial completion independently for its record services.

Note if the punch list is attached or under separate cover. Site Visits Discussion Summary: Request for Information Discussion Summary: Accordingly, one must be mindful that the actual date of issuance will likely never be the same date the project is substantially complete due to the sequence of the administrative process.

Discuss dockment owner the need for appropriate site observations for determining work conformance and project completion. This notice should be given to the owner in writing.