View and Download Akai S Series operator’s manual online. S Series Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Akai S manual online. S Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Last weekend I bought an incredibly cheap (15 Euros) Akai S sampler at a flea-market. Unfortunately it does not turn on, as it keeps.

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Page 21 Introduction SPB front panel Though the S is a highly sophisticated sampler, you may feel that there are surprisingly few controls. You cannot resample a sample to itself, so you must give the resampled data a new name, using the button. The speed with which the key is released can be used here to affect the release rate positive values mean that a fast release lengthens the release rate, and vice versa.

AUTO the default sets everything so that you only hear the incoming signal when you are in REC2 and the meter is switched on; ON passes the incoming signal through the S all the time, regardless of what mode you are in; and OFF, understandably, does not allow the incoming signal to pass through the S at all.

This manual covers all models of the S series – including the SPB playback model. Page 18 Introduction Sample Usually in the manual, the word sample will refer to a sound which has been recorded, digitized and edited, and can then be added to a keygroup you might like to think of it as a “waveform” mmanual analog synthesizer terms.

I have sxl with fx board, but i never loaded samples from s to my s unit.

AKAI S MANUAL Pdf Download.

Provision for software updates is a requisite feature of any sampler nowadays. All in all, you could scarcely ask for a more flexible set of output facilities than Akai have provided here.


Page 54 Sampler functions Select the sample to be stretched on the top line of the page, and then move down a line to select the part of the sample that you want stretched ” ” and ” maanual.

Next unzip akai os exe file, move to boot disk. All prices include VAT. Page 39 Sampler functions The other option,allows you manua, load a program and all associated samples free memory permitting.

Page 25 Introduction “Function” blue on white. Akai are also to be congratulated on the S’s manual, which has been written in a friendly and imaginative style and is fairly comprehensive. Small Print Terms of use Privacy. Maanual Though manjal tape streaming offers many advantages in terms of speed, convenience, and price of media, AKAI does not guarantee the integrity of data backed up in this way.

There is a lot you can do with just the raw sample data, but first we need to get some sounds into the S Page 27 Allows transposition and master tuning of the whole keyboard, as well as allowing a user-defined temperament to be set up.

Akai S1000 Manual

Please note, a few of the very oldest S samplers needed a small modification to take 8MB cards. A,ai you’ve set up the start and end points for both samples, you can them together or splice thempress the appropriate button.

A global ambient reverb could be added to “dry” drum samples prior to sending them to the mixing desk, for example. Bearing in mind that layered textures will reduce the polyphony of the S, this is a useful feature to have. Page 47 Sampler functions To further assist you, there are a number of soft keys assigned which are also found in other pages.

Akai S1000 Series Operator’s Manual

e1000 The S has options when loading to load all samples, programs, OS, etc. Sampler functions Note- you delete a program from memory, make sure that you really do not Need that program in the future, or that you have saved it to disk first.


The three parameters following affect the volume of the sound as controlled by three keyboard parameters: So who better to reveal the innermost secrets of the instrument than the creator of the new SWM and Workstation sample disks, Akai product specialist Steve Howell.

Input level is manuwl using the Rec Gain switch and Rec Level knob on the sampler’s front panel, and the sampler will s10000 you an amplitude-envelope display of the signal as it’s being recorded. I will only post within the UK.


A powerful and useful feature of the S is its ability to continue sounding a sustained note of a program, even when another program has been selected. Sampler functions Pressing the button will bring up the samples to be included in a keygroup. Page 41 Sampler functions button will delete the sample from memory. Each main mode has its own dedicated button, and the eight function buttons give access to each ‘page’. However, remember that individual samples are limited by single disk capacity, so if lengthy samples are the name of the game you’ll need to invest in a hard disk in which mznual you’ll also benefit from a much faster disk access time.

It will save you a lot of time later on. Once you have set your levels, you can put the sampling process into action by pressing F8 ARM. Comes from a clean, smoke-free environment.

The S also had the ability to “time-stretch”, a feature that allowed the music’s tempo to be adjusted without its pitch being altered. Simon Trask’s thrilled to bits.