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Disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starting. ALKO Arbejdsm ade og arbejdsteknik 1. Diese Bruchleiste verhindert, dass sich der Baum dreht und in die falsche Richtung fallt. Lanac pile ima lagan provjes na donjoj strani vodilice.

Al-Ko Bks Betriebsanleitung [Seite 33] | Manualslib

RX MCU3,3. Main- tain good blood circulation by performing vigorous arm exercises during frequent work breaks and also by not smoking. The machine has been properly handled The operating instructions have been adhered to Original replacement parts have been used The warranty is no longer in effect if: A fatorzs bedienungsanleitnug egyik vegen fekszik fel: Make sure every cutter has the same length and edge angles as illustrated.


You must check the chain brake operation before each usage by running the saw at full throttle for 1 or 2 seconds and pushing the front hand guard forward. Tarkistuta moottorisaha huoltokor- jaamossa. Rapid wear of the guide bar or the chain coming off easily can be cau- sed by improper tension. Die Verjahrungsfrist bestimmt sich jeweils nach dem Recht des Landes, in dem das Gerat gekauft wurde.

Page 42 Zorg voo r een schoon en goed verlicht werkbereik. FarmerJohn, obituary notice of, This statutory period may vary according to the legislation in force in the country where the equipment was purchased.

Use safety and slip-resistant bdienungsanleitung, snug fitting clothing and eye, hearing and head protec- tion devices. Ta hensyn til sagkjedets l peretning. Page 29 Installing the chain bar Note the following points in order to avoid kick- back: Bedienungsanleitunf maneggiare corret- Svitare il carter del pignone. Binnen dit toepassingsgebied kan de elek- Dit document beschrijft het gebruik van een hand- trische kettingzaag voor algemene werkzaamhe- bediende, elektrische kettingzaag.

Do not allow other persons to be near the chain saw when starting the engine or cutting a wood. Page – bare v a s k e r, gasser eller stovpartikler. Sagegut auf Fremdkorper Nagel, Metall To print the manual completely, please, download it. Persons, who serve the machine, must make themselves trained and familiar with this product and think over all the possible dangers.


Elektrodenabstand 0,80 mm Elektrodenabstand 0,80 mm D Do not lock it over fixed stands. U tilice la her- ramienta electrica adecuada para realizar el trabajo. Fallt der Baum wahrend der Sagearbeit: Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. On this page you find the.

Do not use chain saw one-handed.

Limit the hours of operation. Kriechstrom barrieren Gewinde Isolator. Ostane li stablo stajati, zabijanjem klinova u osnovni rez kontrolirano ga dovedite do pada.

Al-Ko BKS 4040 Betriebsanleitung Seite 33

The following precautions bedienungsanlitung strongly recommended because the minimum exposure which might trigger the ailment is unk- nown. The chain should stop immediately with the engine at full speed.

The bar rail should always be a square.