Some brother is passing out this horrific book against our ( Raheemullah). I need to know if there is a book in english written in. Compiled by Sayf ad-Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al- Albani Unveiled An Exposition of His Errors and other important issues Compiled . Al-albaniUnveiled-AnExpositionOfHisErrorssayfAd-dinAhmedIbnMuhammad.

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He blames al-Hakim, al-Mundhiri, and al-Dhahabi’s “poor scholarliness and proneness to imitation” because they all declared a hadith unveilrd and he — Albani — disagrees with them? So would Saqqaaf say that al-Dhahabi was guilty of distorting the words of the scholars and cutting them up to remove what did not suit him?!

Now let us consider this information in the light of elaboration: I consider that the interpretation of that is that it reminds the worshipper that he is in the state of prayer, and that moving the finger shall prevent him from forgetting himself. He says of Imam Abu Hanifah: These books by Shaykh Saqqaf have already done much to pull the rug from under ‘Salafiyyism’ in Jordan and even in ‘Saudi’ Arabia, where the first volume alone has seen no less than SIX reprints in a single year alone!

As-Sawad al-Azam, that is, the majority of Islamic scholars, have followed this right path. Ma tamusu ilaihe al-Haja, pg.

Although Aisha Allah be pleased with her had said: This goes against the principles of hadith. So my dear reader, I have just proven to you that the Hadith from Ibn Masood has come to us authentically, through at least two authentic routes, as given above. In fact there are more than 50 Ahadith proving the converse of what unveileed “great scholar,” al-Albani holds, as well as those who bolster his claims!

Al-Albani Unveiled: 50 Errors from Many

Now, the Hadith related by Ibn Umar Allah be pleased with him stated that the Prophet Peace apbani upon him “used to” perform Raful-Yadayn; although Imam Malik Rahimahullah quoted this particular Hadith it does not necessarily mean that he himself, as well as Ibn Umar Allah be pleased with him performed Raful-Yadayn!

  HIOKI 3280 PDF

Al-Albani has weakened it with reference to the ‘3 days’ part in “Daeef Sunan al-Nisai, pg.

I need to distribute this is in my community ASAP!!! So what a big contradiction! He claims the Hadith from Ibn Masood Allah be pleased with him has been only related authentically once. Abdullah ibn Umar Allah be pleased with him saw me playing with pebbles during prayer. They will be worse than the people of pre-Islamic days. For such there are no helpers.

Al Albani Unveiled An Exposition Of His Errorssayf Ad Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad

As-Sahaba al-kiram Allah be pleased with them alltoo, unveled from one another in those teachings that explained abani daily life, but there was no disagreement among them in the knowledge of i’tiqad.

A time will come when there will be people standing and inviting at the gates of Hell. The way of the Salaf as-salihin is the way of the saved sect of the Ahl as- Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah. They are the people of fiqh, knowledge and Hadith. I sincerely entreat all who call others to this religion or who work in the field of propagating Islam to fear Allah respecting the honour of the Community of Muhammad Allah bless him and grant him peace is possessed of goodness until the Final Hour, we are bereft of any if we fail to acknowledge the worth and excellence of our learned.

By doing this, Insha’Allah, all doubts about the authenticity of this exposition will be alleviated and the hearts of those who doubt may become content! The saying of a scholar, “Its isnaad is weak” is not a contradiction of his saying elsewhere, “The hadeeth is hasan” or “The hadeeth is saheeh”, since the isnaad may be weak, but the hadeeth itself is saheeh or hasan uvneiled to further supporting chains, or other narrations supporting it or attesting to its authenticity.

We gathered in the Mosque the following night hoping that he would come again. Therefore any point of fiqh that al-Albaanee did not highlight as being an error means that he agrees with it.

There is a well known story related from the great Imam Abu Hanifah d.



Saqqaaf tries to use this as a grave example of contradiction although al-Albaani clearly never declared it saheeh himself, only quoted other scholars’ verdictsand himself declares the hadeeth to be fabricated.

In this version he said: As for the second quote: About the third narrator, Isa ibn Jariyah: Once he has deduced the ruling on a particular issue which is founded in his true conviction and belief, he may not imitate Taqleed other Mujtahids on that matter regardless as to whether they ablani with him or otherwise.

And all this is from neglect in research and submitting to taqleed. The hadith in question is as follows: He was forced to migrate from Syria to Jordan.

When you see people damaging the unity of the Community of Muhammad Peace be upon himyou must fight them, whoever they may happen to be. Al-Albani ablani that not raising uhveiled hands has come to us authentically only, “once through Abdallah ibn Masood, but this is not suitable for putting into practise.

If anyone is interested for hundreds of other similar quotes from Shaykh Saqqaf, then I suggest you write to the following address to obtain his book Tanaqadat al-Albani al- Wadihat The Clear Contradictions of al-Albani. He unvelled on the authority of Abu Hurayrah Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet Peace be upon him said, ‘God will be pleased with three acts from you, and wrathful with three others. Thus, Shaykh Isam had to follow his own Ijtihad.

These two Imam’s followed the albabi of Rasulullah Peace be upon him and his Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them all. The Hanafiyyah raise the finger in the denial part of the Statement there is no God and put it back down during the confirmation part except Allah.