Alesis iO Dock II – The highly popular iPad interface, updated for both Lightning and pin iPads. MANUAL DE INICIO RÁPIDO You can use up to two TS footswitches with iO Dock by connecting them to a Visit and click on “Docs. Alesis | iO Dock | User manual | Alesis iO Dock User manual. SongBook + Release User Manual (Document Revision 2) Table of contents 1 SongBook+ .

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This allows you to synchronize the following actions: The 3 digits from the MIDI settings are sent to the other iPads and a song with the same 3 digits is searched there.


Slide the app to the top and out of the screen. These commands normally select an instrument.

A typical use of this feature is to configure external devices like a keyboard upon selecting a song. Tap somewhere else to return to the normal iPad screen.

Alesis iO Dock Manuals

Press and hold the PDF for a long time, until a popup appears. The new playlist appears and is selected. In the application settings you can enable the use of foot pedals and assign the keys to the following actions: See here for more information: Remark on Alesis io Dock 2: To use this feature you can use e.

In the edit window with the song details or in the menu with the song opened. Go to next page. Otherwise the connection may be very unstable and the device may even freeze. Enter the name of the artist and the genre or select the existing ones from the list. Currently, the available functions are jumping to a specific page or sending different MIDI commands. You can enter the desired values directly in the text fields.


Open the “Settings” app on your iPad. Also try to tap and move your finger here! Press “Paste” to paste the annotation from the clipboard.

You can enter here some short additional information that, for example, will be displayed during the preview of this song. The title of the selected playlist is displayed here.

Further details can be found here: Press here to listen to the result. Go back to song list. However, the LRC is not directly selected in the song. Press “Copy” to copy the annotation into the clipboard. Change the file name of the PDF file to be created. Press the “Stop” button to stop recording. Depending on the settings, the next song will open automatically when the playback of the current song ends.

The index on the right side allows quick scrolling and quick alphabetical access in the song list.

You will then see five colored tabs on the book cover that can be used to open the desired book. Go to previous page.

Alesis iO Dock II User Manual

If you want to copy or move an existing song to another book, press and hold the song for a long time until a menu with the corresponding selections appears. In order to generate sounds from the MIDI files, an additional external hardware connected via MIDI such as a keyboard or an expander or a third-party synthesizer app is required, running in the background and receiving the signals from SongBook.

Tapping this button opens a list with the same content in the same order as selected in the song list in the main overview If you are using playlists, the next song is automatically set to the next song in the playlist.


One SongBook must be configured as server and all others as clients. Thank you Pete for publishing your sample code on the Internet.

Alesis iO Dock User manual |

The color of the button shows the currently open book. If you press maunal hold the button, a menu will open where you can select the desired variant. You can also use a foot pedal to show the next page. In the Midi and Bluetooth monitor you can see which commands your foot pedal is sending. Press this button to insert an action button annotation.

Press and hold a line for dodk long time to open a context menu with actions that can be performed on the selected entry. There are several variants of annotations for marking text and for drawing shapes. Tap here to the beat of the music in order to learn the speed. When the 2 files SongBookMisi.

Use this button if you want to learn a command instead of configuring it using the wheels. If you use the connection available via Bluetooth and one or more devices are still running on the older operating system iOS 5 eg an iPad 1this device or one of these the devices running on iOS5 should be configured as the server. By following the steps below you can transfer them into the song list and provide additional information like title, artist, genre and MP3 file to play in the background.