Read “American Dream Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare” by Jason DeParle with Rakuten Kobo. In this definitive work, two-time. In this definitive work, two-time Pulitzer finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors of Washington to produce. American Dream has ratings and reviews. Larry said: I have been a Jason DeParle is a journalist who covered welfare for the NY Times. The book.

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American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare

I didn’t know that nursing aides get injured at twice the rate of coal miners and earn less than half the pay.

That will be easier to defend than any public assistance program for the poor, but the outcome is by no means certain. Some public employees at the conference asked how these companies plan to make a profit on welfare programs. DeParle’s writing weaves facts with per In all honesty, this is a disheartening but interesting look at welfare in the US from its inception through the Clinton administration’s eager drive to put welfare mothers into jobs.

Yes, still help out with rent and food and medical care; that’s essential It says something when the Times and the National Review both praise your book. The first section is somewhat hit or miss – the history of welfare is fascinating, but the in depth political play by play of the politicians and Clinton, very much a slog.

Another Day in the Death of America. One thing I think we can all agree on is insisting on accountability for politicians and bureaucrats who spend our tax dollars. He visited their homes, accompanied them to dentist appointments, and drove them to prisons to visit their lovers and fathers of their children.

I found it particularly interesting because so much of the book involved WI and Milwaukee. Most don’t have drug amerucan, nor do they cheat the system. The Welfare Law Center in New York City helped these groups to coordinate their activities through an e-mail listserv. The federal government wasted tens of millions of dollars on the states by issuing block grants that were pissed amerlcan by unscrupulous private contractors who had every incentive to ignore the needs of their very vulnerable clients.

Poverty and the American Dream

Let’s not go there. When she spoke of friends, she probably had in mind Peter Edelman and his wife Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund whose slogan “No Child Left Behind” was kidnapped by the Bush Administration as the title for their education act. I was hoping that at the end of the book, I would have a definite opinion about the system and have a solidified view of how I think things should be run.


The exposition on how TANF got passed can get a bit dry at times, but the information is worth reading. Much to reflect on.

Or the rules might be very complex but people learn the “right” answer to qualify for welfare. I should add that there is nothing to suggest DeParle felt or acted condescending towards these women. Dec 29, Ted Brooke ameriacn it it was amazing. They made a lot of their own terrible choices. This book focuses on the branch of the family that went north, but frankly they don’t live significantly better than they did on the farm.

And the author does a fantastic job following the lives of three women on welfare in Milwaukee, weaving their stories with changes in both national and cream policy.

They struggled through stressful and dangerous low-wage jobs, garnisheed wages, overcrowded housing, evictions, lights shut off, children’s illnesses, broken down and stolen cars, depression and bleeding ulcers, to provide for their children and to care for each other. Forty percent of female-headed families lived in poverty incompared to a national poverty rate of Bureau of the Census The other day I walked into the office to see a distraught woman sobbing disconsolately on the floor.

The author traces their family back to a common ancestor, a slave in Mississippi. About one-third of former welfare recipients around the country had neither jobs nor welfare. You’ve successfully reported this review. One reason was that they were already working without reporting it. Those scenes in a Boston welfare office would not occur in Finland. The federal bill allowed exemption from the work requirement only for mothers of children under 3 months. Leaving welfare, Angie puts her heart in her work.

Center for Law and Social Policy, Nationwide, about two- thirds of the adults who left welfare lost Medicaid even as the number of uninsured grew. I personally know three professors who had once received welfare.

So for all the “success” claimed by the politicians in terms of the reform pushing folks off of welfare rolls and into jobs, the book makes the argument t A bit repetitive at times, but this book did a good job of showing me, a largely bleeding heart liberal, exactly HOW welfare reform failed. The author does not take any sides, is not for or against welfare and welfare reform, and essentially presents the facts in thorough manner and then lets what good journalists should do–let the reader An honest and non-partisan look at the realities not only of welfare, but of welfare reform as seen through the stories of three young women and their families.


It may seem like the task of Sisyphus to drean the rock up the hill only to have it roll down again, but Albert Camus tells us that Sisyphus, a happy man, liked rdeam job. Yet the book is americna honest in also justifying the drive to end welfare as a possibly legitimate goal in itself.

American Dream by Jason DeParle | : Books

So for all the “success” claimed by the politicians in terms of the reform pushing depparle off of welfare rolls and into jobs, the book makes the argument that for former welfare recipients, there was no substantive difference – they were still working long hours, very low-income, not being able to spend time with their families or fream by savings to get ahead. Official records of reported work before welfare reform showed that about 70 percent of recipients left the rolls within 2 years but, because their jobs didn’t pay enough to support a family and pay for health insurance and childcare, many returned to welfare.

I had to be day and night in the hospital and I could not work. In his campaign for the presidency, Kerry told the middle class, “I’ve got your back. DeParle quotes Daniel Patrick Moynihan as having some doubts about whether single mothers should be forced to work, but DeParle expresses no such doubts himself. As a single mother in Wisconsin who has struggled to make ends meet for the last 9 years this book really spoke to me.

Most of the Democrats voted for the bill, including John Kerry Kerry even bragged about his vote during his presidential campaign. The welfare bill contained a provision called the “family cap” which denied assistance to a child born after a family was on welfare.

There has been a recent spate of media coverage of middle class mothers agonizing over whether to leave their jobs and stay home with their children, including the popular sitcom “Desperate Housewives. DeParle challenges the nation.

Officials triumphantly proclaimed that welfare reform was a success when the rolls dropped dramatically. The overall poverty rate in the nation was The author has a real dismissiveness toward conservatives and Republicans, which is one thing, but as well toward their ideas and their motives, which really grates.