Hey hopefully taking the RIC in the spring. Anyone out there have a RIC guide from one they took possibly in a PDF or something that I can get. Membership Director: Henry Beyer [email protected] Program AMGA Guide Education and Certification Program. AMGA Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam Overview . The packet will include: program manual, roster, location map, . The AMGA rock exam will weed you out. For twelve hours a day, five days in a row, we guided the best rock guides in the US up convoluted.

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Participants who demonstrate competency in core skills are granted a one year Climbing Site Belayer certification. The course also meets the State of Maryland certification requirements for climbing instructors. Belay courrse – Why is it important for the brake hand and anchor rope to be on the same side of the body with a plate belay and on the opposite in a body belay when used without a guide carabiner?

See course listing above. If you would like help in setting this up at your school please contact us.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Courses

While not all course participants are ready for the certification standard by the xourse of the course, we are confident that you will significantly broaden your knowledge base of climbing knowledge and go home with many new ideas and skills.

Jon is currently one of three lead trainers that teach certified guides to instruct the TRSM course.

The sites are also far less crowded. All we ask is that you have manuall access to suitable sites. Top managed climbs – How to set up a direct student belay that can be easily escaped while allowing the instructor full visibiltiy of the climber.

The course focuses on the learning and application of technical skills as they are applied in all forms of top rope climbing instruction including both bottom and top managed systems.


For individuals aspiring to be professional mountain guides, the PCIA curriculum provides the focused and sequential instruction and credentialing in the art and science of climbing instruction that will prove invaluable for future entry into more advanced guide training programs.

This update course must be taken prior to the expiration of current certificate. Possess the personal equipment necessary in the course rope, artificial gear rack, runners, cordellettes, belay devices, anchor line, etc 7.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course – Adventure Spirit Guides

Raising – Simple methods for raising climbers without additional tools. The program is for eock, active gock climbers who have a real desire to teach rock climbing to novices in a single pitch setting. These programs facilitate climbing experiences in which the staff typically belays participants and does not teach rock climbing skills such as belaying, anchor construction, etc. Summer camps, universities, and climbing schools are looking for certified instructors to comply dourse accreditation and land manager requirements.

Course participants receive daily evaluation and are granted a one-year associate membership in the AMGA. All of these are within a 30 minute to 1 hour drive from Burlington.

Participants will be assessed on both their core knowledge and their ability to effectively teach and coach related skills.

If a course is not available prior to expiration, a written extension may be approved by the AMGA office, the Technical Director or the Discipline Coordinator extending a certification up to twelve months. What if I don’t have enough personal gear?

May th, August th, September th, Manuak Cost: Certified individual members are also eligible to use the The AMGA logo in marketing materials and have access to prodeals from most major climbing and outdoor companies. The additional skills of raising systems and safe lowering from the top are covered in this course. First, we all benefit from increaing our knowledge base.

AMGA rock instructor/guide courses…Who’s dunnit?

Ascending – Basic methods for ascending single or double ropes that can be used to coach climbers. Certified Top Rope Site Managers who can provide an instructor carnet include site, group size and type, type of top roping, and witness demonstrating more than 25 days per year teaching rock climbing or personally climbing may take a two day AMGA Top Rope Site Manager Update course.


You then may take the exam immediately or have up to 3 years to take the exam. On the final day of the course the instructor gives the candidate a written evaluation and suggests what they need to do before taking the exam. A candidate who does not reach the certification standard in the course may schedule additional training or retake the exam at the discretion of the instructor. A Site Verification provides training focused on the specific climbing activities being done and is not comprehensive in nature.

Second, peer review is an excellent way to get feedback on your methods and let you know whether you are operating within, above, or below a national recognized standard. He currently teaches Rock Climbing through the P.

They are passionate about furthering the professionalism of climbing instructors and committed to the consistent and high quality delivery of courses and exams.

Simple, you can take the course from the source or you can take it from someone who we have helped train. See below for complete details. Protection – Detailed information and feedback on the use of slings, rope, bolts, tapered wedges, hexes, spring loaded cams, Tri-cams, and Big Bros. Yes, I’d like to be included in future emailings maual events and educational courses through Pikes Peak Alpine School.