UNIVERSITE HASSAN II DE CASABLANCA. FACULTE DES SCIENCES. AIN CHOCK. ANNEE UNIVERSITAIRE: / SEMESTRE: S1. FILIERE: SMIA . Liste provisoire des inscrits dans la Filière SMIA (semestre S1) A et B VAL I VAL I I I I I VAL Analyse I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I VAL I I I I I I I I I I I Algèbre . PLANNING SEANCES D’EXAMEN DE TRAVAUX PRATIQUES. Etudiants SVT- S1. MODULE M2 Histologie– EmbryologieSVT-S1. Etudiants SVT-S1. TP Virtuels .

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Of these, 17 sharks were tagged in the northern area and 22 in the southern area.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. L T indicates total length of individual. Integrating life cycle costs and environmental impacts of composite rail car-bodies for a Korean train. CIB Task group 8 Session: TIF Click here for additional data file.

Towards the Eco-design of a tilting train in Korea: We used hourly and daily attendance as metrics to describe the general patterns of site fidelity of sharks at deployment sites of receivers.

For example, the nocturnal patterns of vertical migration of school sharks are depressed during the nights of full moon [44]while juvenile white sharks descend to greater depths with higher frequency during the nights of full moon [48]. znalyse

Environmental relevance of composite materials for trains through LCA. The only male shark tagged by the study was detected in its non-residency area for nine successive hours.

A shark was considered to be present if two or more detections were recorded in the same day. However, there was ana,yse degree of variation in site fidelity of several mature females, which is supported by the observation of movements between the northern and southern areas a distance of Assessment of the environmental impacts in life cycle analysis.


A better understanding of the role of sharks in coral reef ecosystems now requires integration of such observations into the development of models of the physiology and behavioural ecology of reef sharks.

Theses 1 document Isabelle Blanc.

Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

Isabelle Blanc, Gilles Lefebvre. We also found significant differences in the mean daily detection frequencies per month for all sharks Table 3indicating that although sharks visited the monitored areas regularly through the year, there was a degree of seasonality, with a higher detection frequencies recorded mainly during summer June to September and lower detection frequencies in winter and spring January to April Figure 4.

We used acoustic receivers VR2w, Vemco to monitor the attendance of tagged sharks sia five aggregation sites. Evaluation of the environmental quality of buildings towards a more environmentally conscious design. All receivers with the exception of the receiver at Ulong Sand Bar operated with overall mean code detection efficiency CDE above 0.

CV HAL : Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

Swiss bioethanol supply inWhat are the sustainability stakes of two scenarios for Switzerland?. International Building Performance Simulation Association, pp. In temperate systems, some coastal species, such as the leopard shark Triakis semifasciataalso show daily vertical migrations and actively use shallow, warm waters in the day and late afternoon to increase the core body temperature to optimise rates of digestion, growth and gestation [17].


Data analysis We used hourly and daily attendance as metrics to describe the general patterns of site fidelity of sharks at deployment sites of receivers. Please review our privacy policy. Application to Photovoltaic Systems Installed in Spain. The Development of Geothermal Resources.

Unutilizability method for the design of sunspaces. She is the author of about publications in cooperation with numerous international research institutes. Analyse du cycle de vie: There is also extensive evidence that coastal, reef and oceanic sharks also use warm waters for behavioural thermoregulation [7][17][50]a strategy that optimises physiological and metabolic processes [18][51].

Shark tagging in was also conducted under UWA animal ethics permit no. Such behaviour has been observed in pelagic sharks, including the megamouth [45]although it is thought to occur over a much greater range of depths around m than observed in grey reef sharks 15 m.

Percentage of deviance explained.

Camille Marini, Isabelle Blanc. Towards a new index for environmental sustainability based on a DALY weighting approach. This cyclical pattern of descent and ascent was less pronounced at night.