“Excellent an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation” John Keegan in The. The bestselling author of The Battle of Arnhem and D-Day vividly reconstructs the epic WWII struggle for Crete – reissued with a new introduction. Crete has ratings and 65 reviews. Czarny said: This is a very good book and one that is great pleasure to read. It is not however a masterpiece on th.

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France, Denmark, Norway and the Low Countries were all under occupation after a series of lightning military campaigns.

In short the German’s landed spread out over the island in a plan more suited to a light or unorganized resistance. I’d previously read Patrick Leigh Fermor: Productbeschrijving Productbeschrijving Acclaimed historian and best-selling author Antony Beevor vividly brings to life the epic struggles that took place in Second World War Crete – reissued with a new introduction. Recommended for both professional and general readership. The second part is the largest taking up half of the book; it covers the invasion of Crete by the Germans and the evacuation of the Allied forces to Egypt.

It also gives voice to those hitherto unheard – the French butcher’s daughter, the Panzer Commander’s wife, the chauffeur to the General Staff.

This story highlights the importance of bold aggressive action in war. Leading Alex Ferguson with Michael Moritz. If you are familiar with the authors writing then you know antonh he presents information in an interesting but still informative manner and his books are of interest to people of all levels of knowledge on military history.


Crete: The Battle and the Resistance – Antony Beevor

This book gave me a much better picture of the German invasion of Crete and how close the British, Australians, and New Zealanders came to defeating the Germans. He feels he should have trusted his ultra reports more and ignored the possible sea landings and focused on the airborne threat.

It also covers how Ultra was used. The preparations crefe the Crete invasion comes next. The book is organized in three parts.

Beevor’s account is excellent: Jean may be on the side of natural justice but is she on the side of the law? The narrative did not grip me and I found myself wandering and having to read some section over again. From the military architects at Supreme Headquarters to the young schoolboy in the Wehrmacht’s bunkers, D-Day: Jul 21, S.

Crete 1941

It should have been the first German defeat of the war, but a fatal misunderstanding turned the battle round. The window for successful counterattacks had passed. I was not familiar with him and looked at his previous work. Some very interesting stories about Ian Flemming’s brother Peter. Behind a curtain his unknown opponent is manoeuvring the creete British battleships.

Crete > Antony Beevor >

Overall not a bad look at the battle of Crete and all of the characters involved in it. The author chooses to end the story with the moments that the Germans leave, wisely making only cursory reference to the civil war that raged in Greece until But later I find these marvelous book about battle of Crete.

I have visited the Allied Cemetery on Suda Bay and highly recommend travelers taking the time to see the beauty of this cemetery. Elizabeth Jane Howard wrote brilliant novels about what love can do to people, but in her own life the lasting relationship she sought so ardently always eluded her. He is asking a combat veteran to completely trust a brand new source of information, ignore a form of invasion existing since man first made a raft and focus entirely on a mode of island invasion that had never occurred before in history.


Antony Beevor’s story of Crete, its capture, occupation, resistance and eventual withdrawal of the occupiers is as brilliantly researched and thrillingly told as his other books about the Second World War and events in Spain and France before and after the war.

Yet the image of a sophisticated woman hid a romantic innocence which clouded her emotional judgement. RJ Mitchell, a shy and almost painfully modest engineer, was the genius behind the Spitfire. Also provides interesting insights into the brewing discord within Greece between the Communists and the royalists and why it descended into civil war post ‘liberation’.

End of Watch Stephen King. I do hope to return to Crete again and this time I will definitely go to the Maleme Airfield and cemetery. But a murder in her establishment could wreck everything. I liked this book very much for it gives a good beevoe of the operational aspects of this campaign as well as providing many individual and small unit first hand accounts of the soldiers in the trenches.