Synonyms: Abarema jiringa Kosterm, Albizzia jiringa. (Jack) Kurz, Albizia lucida sensu auct., Archidendron pauciflorum (Benth.) I.C. Nielsen, Feuilleea jiringa. Jengkol or Jering (in the scientific name is called Archidendron pauciflorum) does smell but a lot of love. Even the by fajrilgooner. After acquiring a taste for the Petai, I was on the lookout for the Jering fruit vegetable. I found an abundant supply of this jungle produce at the.

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Jering Archidendron jiringa pauciflkrum eaten in the tropics and traditionally extolled for treating diabetes, high blood pressure and eliminating bladder stones. In Burma it is called da-nyin-thee or da-nyin-pen. Jengkol is a typical plant of Southeast Asia, upright, rounded woody, and sleek.

Dietary jering administered orally to diabetic rats significantly reduced the blood glucose in the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats to normal levels after about 12 weeks.

A tree produces between and seeds per year. The benefits of antioxidants are known potent substances that counteract free radicals cause cancer. Baccaurea racemosa or Menteng or Asam tambun. Description Jering Archidendron pauciflorum.

Archidendron pauciflorum

Karim, and Rajeev Bhat. Jering improved the rats’ appetite, body weight, organ oxidative status and number of active islets of Langerhans in both diabetic and normal rats, after 15 weeks of treatment. Djenkol beans are 3. Toxins or poisons in the body would be difficult to get into the body, especially the heart, thanks to the protection afforded by these antioxidant substances.

Each pod can contain seeds Jengkol. By using this paucivlorum, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Establishment of the Body Network High protein content in jengkol can help the formation of tissue in the body. Summary [ edit ] Description Jering Archidendron pauciflorum.

Archidendron pauciflorum – Useful Tropical Plants

In other words, the fiber in jengkol help digestion and defecation. Sedangakn for production quantities jengkol reached 80 tons in and then decreased again to 62 tons50 tons65 tonsand 61 tons One other characteristic of this tree is the tops of the leaves in the form of young leaves have arvhidendron purple red color.


Eat jengkol according to the recommended amount. In contrast to the sugars in other foods such as foods that contain carbohydrates. But keep in mind that once jengkol consume in moderation. The leaf color will turn greenish when old.

The fiber content in jengkol can overcome the problem of constipation. After dark, the shape becomes convex and fruit pods in place that archidnedron seeds increased its size. Jengkol tree Jering can reach meters, classified arhidendron, and wood-skinned gray-brown. Jengkol, Jering or Dogfruit Archidendron pauciflorum.

Preparing List of Fruits Worldwide. Behind the odor problem, this fruit is contained useful benefits for health. Studies on their physico-chemical and functional properties. Even the seeds jengkol or Jering become one of the favorite menu by most people not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines although the fruit of the tree which is also named jengkol or Jering produces a bad odor.

The process paucifkorum decomposition perfect sugars will not cause a heap of blood sugar in the body. Likewise with heart health.

Archidendron pauciflorum – Wikipedia

Jengkol sugars are sugars on the most easily parsed so it is safe for diabetics. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberarchidendroon The most common binomial names of the plant include Archidendron jiringa Jack I.

Archidendron pauciflorum has a number of pests in common with other leguminous trees and shrubs such as the pod-borers Mussidia pectinicornella and Cryptophlebia ombrodelta or the caterpillars of the leaf-feeder Eurema blandaone of the most common butterflies in Java. Rambuatan Nephelium lappaceumaccording to popular belief and the origin of its name, rambutan is native to Indonesia and Malaysia, Seeds are thin-skinned and brown ari shiny.


The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

The substance is called acid Jengkolat. As a result, the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by every cell in the body will also be reduced. Views Read Edit View history. A Traditional Medicinal Herb. One thing that “strange” is that although Apuciflorum when consumed will cause performance problems: This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. The blood flow will be smoother and the heart will function properly and optimally.

One example of foods rich in archidendrn acid are jengkol. Plant resources of South-East Asia No 8: Prevent Anemia Bigfoot is also rich in iron in which iron is a very important role to prevent and overcome the lack of production of red blood cells in the body. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may pauciiflorum fully reflect those of the original file. Otherwise planting distances are 10 — 15 m.

Situation is different if the body is deficient in folic acid and vitamin B6. But still do not consume too much jengkol yes. The seed coat of a young seed shows a yellow-green colour and turns into dark brown archidnedron ripening.

Because of the nature of this jengkol diuretic is not recommended for consumption by your people with kidney disorders.