The Armadillo is a sidemount specific rig, with integral buoyancy compensator and limited adjustment harness. Armadillo CCR Side mount System. Armadillo CCR side mount kit provides attachment points for carrying ultimately streamlined bailout bottles. The basic setup. Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets mounted alongside .. In Brett Hemphill designed the Armadillo Side- Mount Harness. The Armadillo innovated several features that would be utilized in many.

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The aspect that has undergone the most change, however, is the connection point of the cylinder. The primary cave light canister can either be mounted on the diver’s waist strap or butt mounted with quick release snaps. Carrying more than two tanks sidemlunt to mess up the whole streamlining effect, so the benefits are much less when you must carry more than two tanks.

Increased accessibility to regulator first-stages and cylinder valves improves efficiency and speed of critical cylinder shut-down procedures, allows immediate gas-loss identification and provides the diver with quick access to alternative contingency procedures, such as swapping regulators between cylinders, manual operation of a cylinder valve to control gas flow through a regulator which is free-flowing, or to allow breathing directly from the tank valve.

Nitrogen Narcosis — Perceptions of Susceptibility. Extreme cave explorers can use the system as it was perfected for, tight, remote, hard-toreach caves armadi,lo on the planet. Not available Manufacturers Link: Overhead environment divers find this an especially sidemuont measure siremount sidemount diving through restrictions in high silt and muddy conditions.

Side Mount Rigs | Cave Diving Down Under

Since the earliest side mount divers, such as Woody Jasper, Wes Skiles, and Lamar Hires, began this type of underwater exploration in the United States, many variations have been created and most ideas have been borrowed, tried and accepted or left behind. The sidemount diver typically operates two independent tanks for ‘bottom gas’ during a dive.

The cam strap is slipped over the cylinder and tightened by pulling the strap tight and closing the cam buckle. Setting up the cylinders Fig. The Armadillo harness is designed to fit most standard sized adults. It also prevents the bungee from becoming lost when it falls between your body and the harness.

Reach under your arm and grab the large cylinder bungee cord with your thumb. A diving cylinder ready for use on a British cave diving sidemount harness. Traveling with chest weights Fig. Ninety-degree elbow adapters can be used on the sidemoutn stage regulators to prevent jaw fatigue from sharp hose angles. He now produces complete harnesses armadiplo has a primary and redundant wing. Make sure the HP gauge is located so that it can be read during the dive.


This clip should be very sidemout to the center of balance for the tank, or just below the halfway mark on the tank. This usually required the diver to lie down to fit the harness, and if the cylinders were large, to be assisted to a standing position. Dealing with two tanks seems to more than double the ‘not fun’, and plugging and unplugging LP connectors from the tanks is something that I still need to resolve.

Armadillo Sidemount Exploration Harness S – Short

Because the BCD-wings are sewn directly into the harness, the sidemount becomes extremely easy to transport and comfortable to wear prior, during and after the dive. The harness features a custom-designed movable D-ring for cylinder trim control.

On the Dacor Fury, the position OK.

It comes complete with a butt ancillary pouch and is based on the 2-plate butt and lumbar harness system with 3x 3kg spine weight pockets. This fabric includes tiny, hard guard plates that are adhered to multi-layered base fabrics. Attaching the waist buckle Fig. That way even if gas is lost from one tank, the other will supply the diver with air and buoyancy gas. Rather, the harness and wing wrap around the diver giving a very streamlined profile in the water.

Feeding the cam strap Fig. A long hose can be used on the left cylinder if desired and wrapped up around the back of the divers neck. It has 60lbs of buoyancy.

Cut the bungee cord at the tie off location on the BCD. Soft backplate constructed of denier ballistic nylon.

The D-rings are used to attach the low-pressure inflator hose and the second stage regulators. The Manta sidemount is a hogarthian-inspired, minimalist, sidemount system available in a number of options. Divers with back problems often benefit from sidemounting, since the weight is transferred from the spine to the hips and shoulders and the back is kept less rigid.

Sidemount diving

Tanks – March Some aspects of sidemount gear rigging are identical whether you dive sidemount rebreather or open circuit. March 21 I headed to Elliot Park, which is close, sheltered and has a nice entry and gradual slope to the bottom. Not Available Manufacturers Link: SF Tech is a Swiss drysuit manufacturer. The only thing I added to the second stages was a small clip at the end of the hose so that I could clip whichever regulator I was not breathing from armaxillo my chest d-ring so that it was available at all times.


The original DiveRite Transpac harness was a popular choice for DIY rigs back in the days when no dedicated sidemount rigs were being manufactured or used with the, now discontinued, DiveRite Junior or Trek wings.

Armadillo Sidemount Manual

It has 55lbs of buoyancy. Compared with back-mounted double cylinders and an isolation manifold, the use of independent cylinders requires additional gas management skills. Switched to a longer 5ft hose on the left regulator Swapped LP hoses on the regs for better fit to the LP inflator longer hose on right and drysuit shorter hose on left.

Diving equipment Professional diving Recreational diving Underwater diving history Underwater diving procedures Underwater diving safety Commons Glossary Indexes: The basic principle of breathing gas management sidmeount never to run out of suitable breathing gas while underwater. Appropriate length and thickness bungees are critical to ensure that the sidemount cylinders remain in trim horizontally along the diver’s side torso with the valves under the armpits.

All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from May Articles with permanently dead external links Pages using web citations with no URL Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL Articles with short description Use dmy dates from November All articles with unsourced statements Armadiklo with unsourced sieemount from December Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with unsourced statements from January Wikipedia articles needing clarification from January Aemadillo with unsourced statements from April Wikipedia armasillo needing clarification from April Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February The rig ships with independent bungee system and an inflator system that can be routed over the shoulder or up across the chest.

However, because they operated in very confined spaces, and most exploration remained primarily ‘dry’, they began experimenting and improvising with extremely minimalist configurations, minimising bulk, allowing cylinders to be easily removed and replaced, and retaining the capacity to squeeze through the tightest restrictions.

See my full review here: The Armadillo harness is designed to fit most standard sized armadilpo.