AS/NZS This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee ME, Petroleum Pipelines. AS/NZS () Revisions AS () has recently been revised and released as AS/NZS () with a number of. AS — Australian Standard. ®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 2: Welding. A. S. —. This is a free 10 page.

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The examination of all production welds.

Where the material wall thickness is less than the standard thickness of the AS Appropriate measuring tools and gauges may be used.

In such cases additional surface preparation may need to be carried out. A that exceeds this limit shall be unacceptable when any of the following conditions exist: Welding onto pipelines that contain multiphase fluids requires special consideration.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS 2885.2 Review

This identification shall be clearly marked on the test piece adjacent to the weld. Corporate Freedom of information guidelines, reports, policies, plans, and contact information. It is likely that in most cases, because actual operating conditions zs be known and therefore assumptions do not need to be as conservative as in the generalized case used in Tier 2, the criteria of Tier 3 may, subject to satisfactory levels of fracture toughness, permit the acceptance of more severe discontinuities than both Tiers 1 and 2.

The aggregate length of indications in any continuous mm length of weld exceeds 25 mm. Source to film distance. Test specimen shall be spaced evenly within the test welds. PG that occurs in the finish pass shall be unacceptable when any of the following conditions exist: The following applies to macro-examination tests: Material with a higher carbon equivalent shall be deemed to be valid for a 28885.2 metal with a lower carbon equivalent.

Reports A test certificate shall be issued. Where a test piece has been assessed for soundness by a non-destructive examination, test specimens for tensile tests and bend tests shall be taken from locations that are free from discontinuities. For example, a with regards to time delay between passes and any change in consumable manufacturer are now clearly only applicable to cellulosic MMAW.


Combinations of materials from different manufacturers that have been individually qualified do ass require separate qualification for the combination see Table 5. Users of the Standard should not rely upon the list in order to ascertain whether there have been changes made to the previous version of ad Standard.

The width of an IL indication exceeds 2 mm. It shall be prepared in accordance with AS The selection of wires for automatic welding should take into account the information given in Appendix D. Weld passes in a butt weld shall be identified as shown in Figure 5.

AS 2885.2 – Key Concepts and Application

The minimum offset distance between such welds shall be not less than six times the pipe wall nominal thickness. The following applies to hardness tests: Where more than one welder or operator is involved in making 28855.2 test weld, assessment by each of the applicable methods.

The effective thickness shall be as defined in WTIA Technical Note 1 3 Diameter group see Note 4 Change in nominal outside diameter outside the diameter groups qualified as follows: LP shall be unacceptable when any of the following conditions exist: Electrodes for manual metal-arc welding should 285.2 selected and specified in accordance with Appendix C.

For areas that exceed the density of the thinnest adjacent base metal, the criteria for burn-through see Clause Qualification by documentation of previous testing and 2885. The preferred technique of radiographic examination of welds in pipelines is that of using an internal orthogonal x-ray radiographic crawler as, inter alia, the detectability of imperfections including cracks is superior to that obtained using high-energy gamma rays or double-wall exposure techniques.

The number of passes is not less than 3. A boss should be circular with a diameter not less than 50 mm. These reference radiographs shall be used in order ax assess the depth of gas pores in production radiographs. For this reason it is important that an assessment be made of the capability of the welder to produce welds within the required reinforcement limits.


Ass procedures that are qualified in accordance with Clause This is because in normal circumstances the prerequisite conditions in Clause It may be conducted by a third party. Cleaning after testing The penetrant and the developer shall be removed after testing. Where the terminology and abbreviations used in AS do not adequately describe some of the discontinuities found in pipeline welds, additional descriptive abbreviations may be required e.

Welds made by GMAW welding should be examined with mechanized ultrasonic testing. Cracks that originate from one of the edges and have a length greater than 3 mm. The aggregate length of IL indications in xs continuous mm length of weld exceeds 50 mm.

Such changes shall be documented in a revised welding procedure specification. Additionally, cracking of regions of mid-section segregation in the heat-affected zone of the parent metal, where there is no significant through thickness dimension, shall not be cause for rejection. In that event, they shall be considered separate indications.

For reciprocity of weld types for welder qualification see Table 4. Accommodate dimensional tolerances in abutting pipes. The ranges of non-essential variables may be extended by documentation only.

AS Gas pipe Welding_百度文库

Department of Mines xs Energy N. This is principally a consequence of the fact that planar defects are assumed to be one weld pass deep i.

The most important changes that have been made are the following: The means of maintaining work site to mainline valve communication. Consideration should be given to suitable means of preventing compression of the pipe due to the contraction of the longitudinal welds on the fitting.