Must be ASME B compliant. 9. The manufacturer is to provide a 5 year product warranty. Pressure gauges to be Winters P3S Series or approved. Buy ASME B Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments (B – ) from SAI Global. Buy ASME B (R) PRESSURE GAUGES AND GAUGE ATTACHMENTS from SAI Global.

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This effect will be greater on instruments with elements requiring more fluid displacement, with diaphragms having higher volumetric spring rates, and on lower pressure range instruments. ASME standards are developed and maintained with the intent to represent the consensus of concerned interests. Threads shall be in accordance with Table C Never allow oil or grease to come into contact with any external or internal part of the threaded fitting or internal portion of the pressure element assembly of oxygen gauges.

Known pressure shall be applied at each test point on increasing pressure or vacuum. Pressure lines are connected using a threaded connection; generally NPT.

ASME B40.100-2005 Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments

Operating temperatures must not exceed the limit for the materials selected, including that of the fill fluids. However, in high pressure elastic elements where the yield strength approaches the ultimate strength of the element material, fatigue failure may resemble explosive failure. The gauge shall then be placed in a temperature test chamber at an elevated temperature [e. The purpose of this device is to prevent damage from corrosion or clogging, to maintain sanitary requirements of the medium or to reduce the process temperature to which the pressure element assembly is exposed.

Where possible, scale, numeral, and graduation increments should follow the format: By continuing to use zsme, you agree to their use. Because of this difference, gauges made to the inchbased sizes may not be interchangeable with those made to the EN sizes, even though the nominal sizes may be very close. Caution must be 56 2.


A Pressure Gauge meets EN and ASME B standards.

A total ofcycles shall be conducted. Duplex indicator pointers shall be orange left and green right. Solutions for pressure, temperature, force and level measurement, flow measurement, calibration and SF 6 gas solutions from WIKA are an integral component of our customers’ business processes.

Standard instrument connection ports are 1? It does not include diaphragm actuated pressure instruments that employ mechanical linkages to transmit the applied pressure or other separation devices designed to protect the pressure element assembly.

It is the combined effects asem method, observer, apparatus, and environment. These drawing are not intended to show design detail. The range designator shall be constructed in accordance with the formats as shown in Tables C-1 through C The lower housing includes a threaded connection for attachment to the process line see Fig.

The diaphragm seal is socket welded directly to the process line. These fluids must be avoided where strong oxidizing agents are involved including, but not limited to, oxygen, chlorine, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide. A lot b40.10 of all gauges of the same part identification number that are manufactured at one time.

It may be integrally mounted or separate from the gauge. Revisions are made periodically to the Standard to incorporate changes that appear necessary or desirable, as demonstrated by the experience gained from the application of the Standard.

The gauge shall be tested for a period of 2 hr in each of three mutually perpendicular axes 6 hr total at the resonant frequency. Gauges used on regulators are usually size 11? The fastening method is generally not in contact with the medium.


A constant load of lb shall be b401.00 to the pressure gauge case as shown on Fig.

8008A Pressure Gauge meets EN837-1 and ASME B40.100 standards.

The application and release of the pressure shall be as smooth as practicable, so as not to subject the gauge mechanism to excessive upscale or downscale accelerations or high amplitude impulses pressure spikes.

If the cleanliness requirements of the intended application are not covered in Table 2, the user should so advise the manufacturer. Gauges contaminated with hydrocarbon pressure media shall not be used asm oxygen regulators. Full scale value Fluctuating: Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

Flanged diaphragm seal parts may be manufactured of bar stock, castings, or forgings [see Fig. Careful consideration of its use should be given for hazardous applications. Qualification inspection shall be performed on samples which have been produced with equipment and ase normally used in production and shall consist of the examination and tests specified in Table C Students Click Here Asmee Us!

For countrywe recommend our corporate website.

This test applies only to sealed cases, without venting. Light tapping of the gauge case is permissible at each pressure reading. The difference of the readings is friction error. The first installation may involve pressure pulsation that has expended most of the gauge life, resulting in early fatigue in the second installation.

None of the common element materials is impervious to every type of chemical attack.