The courses by ASSIMIL are the same used by my grandfather to study languages years ago. But they are still excellent courses. Listen to the CD’s while. Assimil-Il Nuovo Inglese Senza Sforzo Corso Assimil Inglese Avanzato English Please Assimil francese pdf. 4 CD audio) + Perfezionamento del francese. Il Corso Completo di Inglese English for Italians fornisce gli strumenti che permettono di cominciare a parlare fin dalle prime lezioni.

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Le ho detto di rimettere a posto i libri e prendere un pezzo di carta e scriverci sopra www. Mi piacciono i molteplici strumenti di studio e l’app per praticare sul mio smartphone quando sono fuori casa.

We use cookies to help make LingQ better. I’m sure you get a thousand of these a day but I would just like to say I really appreciate your knowledge and passion for languages. Sono persino finito a lavorare in una compagnia Giapponese dove nessuno parla Inglese.

Quando scoprii LingQ, studiare l’inglese divenne una gioia. Everything was at the reach of my hand.

The next day I spent a couple of hours trying various language learning software, when I came to lingq. I now have LingQ on my browser tool bar and include it in ingkese morning routine at the same time slot as I read my email and news sources.


There were a few questions that I needed time to think over, but for the rest of them I just felt the right answers like inglee intuition told me. Mi piace vedere le mie statistiche e confrontarle con quelle degli altri membri che studiano su LingQ. Non essendo in grado di capire il contesto generale, le mie lacune restavano sempre le stesse. Sono molto interessata a entrare nel servizio diplomatico britannico e quindi ho trovato molto interessante la parte sul servizio diplomatico canadese.

Just for fun of it, the other day at the bookstore I picked up a study book for the French proficiency test here in Japan. It assiil fun to look up new words in the dictionary because I choose it and want to understand what the avanzati are sssimil about. People ask me all the time how I could possibly study a language without school and all I need to do is pull out the text and mp3 and give them a little demonstration.


Sono rimasti tutti impressionati dal sito, che ha fatto rinascere in loro la passione per le lingue dopo sette anni di studio che l’avevano spenta a forza di monotoni esercizi di comprensione e programmi noiosi.

English for Italians | Corso Completo di Inglese in Download

I started to buy magazines for English learners. Offrivano una promozione con un codice sconto per un abbonamento di 6 mesi. Comincia a imparare nuove lingue, in modo semplice ed facile Inizia gratuitamente! Thank you for your time, and once again thank you for all that you have done for the language learning community.

I experimented with this method for some time, but then came across Assimil courses, which were easier to use, because there was no need to do the word-for-word translation myself. Ho appena finito di leggere il tuo libro, The Way of the Linguist, e devo dire che l’ho trovato di grande ispirazione.

So, I would like to thank you all for your conversations and encouragement last week. Edwin Chan New Zealand. As a language freak I have ihglese a lot of time and money in language learning materials during the last ten years and, for me, NO system is as avxnzato as LingQ.

I didn’t expect that much. I first download various audio clips then proceed to save the text that came along with the audio. Interesting content assiimil mp3 files, flashcards which I had been using on and off in paper form together with the possibility of communicating with other learners and a tutor. Now I write tech papers, and not only have them accepted for inglesf, but praised because they are well-written. Tutti dovrebbero conoscervi ragazzi.

My progress snapshot shows it, too. Yesterday I had my interview. LingQ is absolutely brilliant and is something I feel that is extremely unique. I will soon upload a series of videos on Youtube, and I will be encouraging people to visit your blog and use LingQ, if you do not mind! I wanted to listen to real conversations between native speakers, not avanzaro. It’s a real fear for many people who have been terrorized by the study of grammar. I will upgrade as soon as I have enough time – I really want to improve my English and your way is just great – thanks a lot.


E fortunatamente questo intero processo richiede davvero pochissimo sforzo da parte inglesf studente. I joined LingQ in the summer ofand I found significant improvement after only a few months, especially in my reading and listening.

It was interesting for me to realise that it is an extremely valuable thing to have a system that completely saves me organising my studies apart from uploading my own content which I can do with minimal effort thus giving me maximum contact with the language when I study without distractions and without having to think where I should put what flashcard where, which book, CD or MP3 I should listen to and where I put it.

She worked out her own methodology of language learning among other learning fields in the late s. It was easy, fast, enjoyable.

I like Your podcasts very much and I really enjoy to listen them. It is simple, but for the studies I want to do, Inflese don’t need anything else.

LingQ reviews and testimonials – See what our users are saying

Trovo allucinante il fatto che io abbia studiato spagnolo per due awsimil e mezzo a scuola e non abbia mai fatto progressi ho una media semestrale di 97e che ingglese LingQ siano bastati solo quattro mesi per migliorare tantissimo!!!

Despite of my flu and the terrible sound quality on the phone, I did it. Sono stato fortunato e grato di scoprire LingQ, e lo raccomando a chiunque abbia anche un impercettibile interesse nelle lingue straniere!

Ho scoperto LingQ dal sito di Youswoop. Stll, I have benefited a lot from both approaches. And I went straight assijil to start exercising on my English with Anne of green gables, nice. Simply follow the basic instructions on LingQ and you will be learning in no time. And I can tell you that I have spent a considerable amount of time searching the Internet, trying to get a look at what is going on regarding to online language learning systems. No question, “The best language learning system ever”.