Latest versions of Autronic Autotune & manual tune software. (requires x 32bit code support), All SM3, SM4, EVO9 & Subaru – ECUs, Download. Select Manufacturer “Autronic” Model “SM4”. Refer to Race Studio Configuration user manual for further information concerning the loggers configuration. Autronic SMC Manual ver 6. Software. PC hardware requirements. The calibration and data logging software supplied with Autronic SMC ECU may be used.

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You can use the mouse or the Arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight any of the coloured cells and then press Enter. These modules expect a 0 Volt input signal when the ignition system is idle. If we want a boost pressure of 1. P-S Enrich timeout Post start enrichment time out. Selecting the Boost setpoint 3 table has priority over the other two tables.

User configurable internal data logging of up to 16 channels with the selected channels each being sampled as fast as 50 times a second.

Delay Time between ECU ignition command and commencement of spark.

Finally a SM4 manual to download – Autronic MRM Forum

This is shown as a green cell. Motronic trigger are manaul type of multi-tooth trigger but are distinct in that they use a missing tooth. Do not connect the modules to the loom until you have configured the ECU by connecting to a computer with Autronic software.

However, the injection angle will be wrong.

This is true for both the ways to select Boost setpoint table. Pump stops 3 to 4 seconds after the engine stops. This can be enabled to protect the sites that the software has AutoTuned from being changed later or xm4 to allow changes after Autronnic Tuning has been completed.

  IEC 60096-1 PDF

We leave the value at rpm since we got the boost pressure that we wanted at that engine speed. Use F1 to bring up the on screen help. Then set all the cells in the table to zero.

Launch control strategy – Manual transmission – SM4 – Autronic MRM Forum

If attribute set then cannot enter menu. Engines with one throttle butterfly per intake port and turbocharged must use this method of mapping. Shows errors recorded in ECU.

Fuelling here is leaner than on top boost, but there is no use in getting to lean here, since the engine and tubo internals have lots of heat built up. All analysers have functions from Function 0 to Function Wash all components before reassemble.

Makes it easy to import into a spread sheet program. EXP top to autgonic Exponential function top to bottom You can select the gradient for this.

If the exhaust system does not have an existing sensor mount then a new mount will have to be welded to the exhaust system. Overlay files can be offset in time. As a rule try to always use the original regulator and totally avoid rising rate regulators.

Autronica SM4 Manual

See ECU Limits setup for over-run throttle and load limit setting. Ign mod setup Ignition Modifier configures here, if they would affect main, crank, idle and overrun ignitions.

The dangerous zones must be well taken care of that they are tuned for the worst case. And that we got the wanted KPA at rpm. If autronix variables correspond to table axis variables, the logger cursor will be shown in the table. File comment File comments which are stored with in the file you are going to save. Leaving the coil switched any longer will not increase the energy in the coil or the spark.

  22TCN 262 PDF

Some outputs can be paralleled for increased output current rate.

Setting it to rich may give the same problems as when setting it to lean. Main clutch – line locker will release and fluid will slowly return through restrictor. Connect vehicle speed sensor and other inputs if used, like anti-lag, input and more.

This is used to help the ECU create a time offset for making tuning decisions. Peak capture channels aids detection of over-rev, over-boost and over-temperature conditions. See Calibration Functions Section. Igniters manusl as Bosch,which do not provide dwell Most standard igniters are dumb you must select -ve edge Dwell in Ignition Setup menu M1.

Decays away with time to maunal fast idle RPM calibration. Autronic systems have been successfully installed on many vehicles such as rally cars, off road vehicles, street cars, powerboats, offshore powerboats, and in other forms of racing. Don’t have an account? Make sure that engine is already mapped before applying this auxiliary compensation.

This is the default window when ECU goes on-line.

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If they do not agree do the following. The value corresponds to vehicle Kph at rpm in each gear. Use this setting to get a smooth boost line with minimum spiking, then use the boost offset tables to correct the pressure and get a flat boost line. See wiring diagram fore more information. Measurement of, and mnual delivery correction for exhaust back pressure when an external exhaust pressure sensor is connected.