Aztaka is a side-scrolling adventure/RPG with a Metroid-like structure and themes of ancient Aztec culture. #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips. iOS Impulse: Specials include Aztaka, various Gratuitous Space Battles expansion packs, and.

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The Ancient Path part 1 Go right until the level exit. Grow the branches on the two trees right of the fire and the one on the left. You will see a magician steal life force from a monkey. This guide to Aztaka is rough and basic. Since walkthruogh local clergy didn’t invest in some kind of plan for such an event and didn’t bother insuring the artifact eitherit falls upon you to trek across the jungles, swamps, mountains and deserts to track her down and get the artifact back, fighting lizard people, dart-blowing monkeys and acid-spitting wall adornments along the way.

Aztaka comes with its problems, but problems that are being ironed out.

Return to main corridor and continue right take the next corridor kill priest, destroy door and pick up earring. Go back to the fork go up and right into the temple right side, fight your way through two doorways, at the third take a running jump at it to break it and pick up the pure blue energy container. Free the 5th priest exit right. After leaving the throne room through the side exit, go left.

A flame in front of the Solar Naguak seen in an earlier level is now gone. The Hurbutli Jungle More vines and also monkeys to kill. Do the bottom lever first then go over the top to do the other side carry on right. Kill it and a door unlocks in the area where you came in to first. Pick up the necklace of the chuckwalla and enter the cave. Come back later to finish this. Then you come to another cave. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.


For an epic battle like that? Now is the time to go to the temple, but before going there look at the next tree, another branch hole will sprout with some green energy. So is air spin attack. The Tropical Gale spell works best. Ayopa will now cast spells in at most two steps. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions waklthrough to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

Click on the great temple on the map and then at the top. Dodge his fire attacks and falling fireballs. Watch out for snakes on the trees, use solar Intervention to kill them.

But will drop a solar naguall. Although you attack and execute magic with your mouse, the meat of the game experience is in nimbly jumping around the bad guys, sticking them with your spear and staying out aztka the way walkkthrough their attacks. Exit to the map.

Aztaka Guide and Walkthrough – Giant Bomb

Grab it now if you want the extras! Use it by putting pure energy on to Ayohpa the spell can now be used. Stab it a few times then run for the opposite wall. Hit it and run back before the flame starts.

Run left until you get to a round area with a blue crystal. Whirl wind and solar intervention are good here. Talk to the guard in the second screen and pay coins for the Air Spin Attack.


This will walktnrough the merchant do business with you. You will come across a pillar with light shining on it. There were many parts of the game that were inexplicable particularly in returning to previous areas that your guide helped me through. Where he was standing is the device to open the cells.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Aztaka walkthrough

Kill the guardian then leave left. Exit this path and continue left. The Ancient Ruins part 1 Break the wall to the ancient Ruins you need the rock smashing spear found in the Necromancer’s temple. Once entering the area, take the lower left split and hit the switch.

Continue left where you meet the half sister witch who tries to kill Ayohpa. The Calpallalpan Temple Go left.

Then to the Tlacopan village.

Pick up the necklace by the priest! Continue left till you exit the cave.

Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more!

Not only that, but just as your training is done, your evil half-sister turns up and steals a very sacred artifact. Feed it two blue energy orbs. Return back through two entrances and make the jump across the large chasm.

Jump up on the lowest branch then the branch above it. Return to the city of Malinaco Go right. Go left till you emerge in the under city of Malinalco.