For iframe elements in XML documents, the srcdoc attribute, if present, must have a value that matches the production labeled document in the. Dans votre application, utilisez une balise iframe> pour définir l’URL src. All data-param-* attributes will be added as query parameter to the YouTube iframe src. This may be used to pass custom values through to YouTube plugins, .

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If a source element has a sizes attribute present or an img element has a sizes attribute present, all image candidate strings for that element must have the width descriptor specified.

Let unit be absolute. The isMap IDL attribute must reflect the ismap content attribute. The rules to parse a month componentgiven an input string and a positionare as follows. Place the audio option right next to the visual one.

Thus, if the aspect ratio of the playback area does not match the aspect ratio of the video, the video will be shown letterboxed or pillarboxed.

The img element supports dimension attributes. HTML4 quickly followed later that same year. The rules for parsing integers are as given in the following algorithm. If input is an ASCII case-insensitive match for one of the named colorsthen return the simple color corresponding to that keyword.

Authors are urged to use the autoplay attribute rather than using script to trigger automatic playback, as this allows the user to ablise the automatic playback when it is not desired, e. User agents may implement cross-origin access control policies that are stricter than those described above to mitigate this attack, but unfortunately such policies are typically not compatible with existing Web content.

Paramètres du lecteur

Run the following steps in parallel:. This specification is limited to providing a semantic-level markup language and associated semantic-level scripting APIs for authoring accessible pages on the Web ranging from static documents to dynamic applications.

Advance position to the next character in input. When present, the user agent as described in the algorithm described herein will automatically begin playback of the media resource as soon as it can do so without stopping.

The parameter list has been updated to include the playlist parameter, which specifies a comma-separated list of video IDs to play.


The first week in a week-year y is the week that contains the first Thursday of the Gregorian year y.

The attribute, if present, must contain a valid non-empty URL potentially surrounded by spaces. The four exceptions are to exclude legacy attributes that have balisw beyond just sending parameters to the plugin.

If document has no browsing contextthen return false. If present, the value must be a valid MIME type. If a reflecting IDL attribute is a DOMString attribute whose content balis is an enumerated attributeand the IDL attribute is limited to only known valuesthen, on getting, the IDL attribute must return the conforming value associated with the state the attribute is in in its canonical caseif any, or the empty string if the attribute is in a state that has no associated keyword value or if the attribute is not in a defined state e.

Add the product of N and multiplier to seconds. It is recommended for the example use above the width and height attributes be set to zero. There would be no benefit to allowing both, but it would cause extra confusion when teaching the language.

ivrame The user agent may offer the user the option to override the sandbox and instantiate the plugin anyway; if the user invokes such an option, the user agent must act as if the conditions above did not apply for the purposes of this element.

Several signals can contribute to which processing model is used for a given fetch ; a referrer policy attribute is only one of them. User agents should not show this content to the user; it is intended for older Web browsers which do not support videoso that legacy video plugins can be tried, or to show text to bapise users of these older browsers informing them of how to access the video contents.

If document is an iframe srcdoc documentthen return the document base URL of document ‘s browsing context ‘s browsing context container ‘s node document. If the attribute is present, its value must either be the empty string or a value that is an ASCII case-insensitive match for the attribute’s canonical name, with no leading or trailing whitespace. To represent a false value, the attribute has to be omitted altogether.

Despite all this, efforts have been made to adhere to certain design goals. The server returning data that is partially usable but cannot be optimally rendered must cause the user agent to render just the bits it can handle, and ignore the rest.


Beyond the syntax of the language, this specification also places restrictions on how elements and attributes can be specified. May 3, This update contains the following changes: A video element represents what is given for the first matching condition in the list below:. Some obsolete legacy attributes parse colors in a more complicated manner, using the rules for parsing a legacy color valuewhich are given in the following algorithm. For example, the restriction on using UTF-7 exists purely to avoid authors falling prey to a known cross-site-scripting attack using UTF For example, it is unclear whether the author intended the following to be an h1 heading or an h2 heading:.

An image source can have a density descriptor, a width descriptoror no descriptor at all accompanying its URL. Whenever new data for the current media resource becomes available, queue a task to run the first appropriate steps from the media data processing steps list below. It can be CORS-same-origin or CORS-cross-origin ; this affects whether subtitles referenced in the media data are exposed in the API and, for video elements, whether a canvas gets tainted when the video is drawn on it.

Paramètres du lecteur | YouTube API iFrame | Google Developers

A month consists of a specific balisr date with no time-zone information and no date information beyond a year and a month. If this is the first time this occurs for this media element since the load algorithm was last invoked, the user agent must queue a task to fire a simple event named loadeddata at the element. User agents that support JavaScript must also implement the import proposal.

All media elements have an autoplaying flagwhich must begin in the true state, and a delaying-the-load-event flagwhich must begin in the false state. Furthermore, because of the unique characteristics of the Web, implementation bugs have often become de-facto, and now de-jure, standards, as content is often unintentionally written in ways that rely on them before they can be fixed.