Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had resulted Two battleships, under Rear Adm. Hiroaki Abe, headed for Guadalcanal with. The Japanese sent another battleship, the Kirishima, accompanied by that Halsey had to fight in a surface action were two warships at sea. cruiser/destroyer action on the night of. November, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and the battleship action on the night of November, the.

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By the USN was even making torpedo attacks using radar designated targets. Thereafter, the Imperial Navy was only able to deliver subsistence supplies and a few replacement troops to Japanese Army forces on Guadalcanal. But damage was done, nonetheless.

Apparently the recurring urgencies in the South Pacific imposed a haphazard composition for every task force thrown together to meet the enemy. IJN torpedoes were also not all that dramatically superior to the USN torpedoes for the reasons often cited by many historians.

This is the reason why air cover was battledhip readily available via land bases and CVs risked being attacked if they got too close. During their approach to Guadalcanal, the Japanese force passed through a large and intense guadalcwnal squall which, along with a complex formation plus some confusing orders from Abe, split the formation into several groups.

She was not illuminated. With his limited understanding of the new technology, [29] Admiral Callaghan wasted further time trying to reconcile the range and bearing information reported by radar with his limited sight picture, to no avail. He tested every gunnery-book rule with exercises and ordered gunnery drills under odd conditions—turret firing with relief crews, anything that might simulate the freakishness of battle.

Their troops on Gudalcanal, the island prize of the campaign, were exhausted.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

While awaiting rescue, all but ten of Juneau ‘ s crew had died from their injuries, the elements, or shark attacks. All were guadalxanal different classes and different divisions. Israel and the Kurds have women in combat and they are doing just fin. The second stack toppled over into the searchlight platform, collapsing it onto the starboard bahtleship tubes and igniting their contents. The carrier Enterprise was still only partially repaired after being damaged at the Battle of Santa Cruz, but her 78 planes could screen Guadalcanal by day.


Apparently another target on bearing near the center of Savo Island was set on fire. Several of the U. The IJN had the advantage of nighttime cohesive tactical training although this did not entirely counter the use of USN radar. Nagara tried to tow the big ship home.

A book about the incident followed, bqttleship Washington sailors. Another Japanese victim was dying nearby, the destroyer Ayanami. In Phases 1A and 2 optical train was used. The selected train firing key was used in plot to insure that the firing pointer bathleship see the light that indicates when the guadaclanal train is on target.

Yamamoto’s reaction to Kondo’s failure to accomplish avtion mission of neutralizing Henderson Field and ensuring the safe landing of troops and supplies was milder than his earlier reaction to Abe’s withdrawal, perhaps because of Imperial Navy culture and politics.

A minute later, the ship rolled over on her starboard side, then hung with her bow in the air for 10 minutes before sinking. For a surface engagement under reduced visibility, and especially in restricted waters, actiom navigational plot should be maintained in radar plot for fully effective use of the radar.

In view of the fact that Group I appeared to be shooting “over,” Mounts 1 and 3 were switched over to Director III which continued the fire.

Ed Schanze set a base course of 0 degrees true, straight north. Even though South Dakota and Washington were administratively Battleship Division 6, they had never before operated together.

Lee covered everything—gunnery, damage control, navigation, even feeding the men at general quarters. Turner and the transport ships safely reached Espiritu Santo on 15 November. The problem was NOT guadalcanwl optics or radar itself. Lee decided to wait, patiently staying miles south of Guadalcanal.

Later, destroyer Meade approached and opened fire on the beached transports and surrounding area. In the attacks on the transports the U. Before this battle, it was unsure whether Henderson Field could be held or used.


Second Edition, compiled and edited by John C. Utterly fascinating account of a very significant part of our history which most people now days are not aware of. Second phase opening range 6, – 9, yards; illumination by star shells, did not add to accuracy of fire. Thus it can also be used to designate to a main battery director.

Battle of Guadalcanal

RIP Sarge and all your fellows. Everyone could see dozens of men in the water clinging to floating wreckage.

As gunnery officer, he participated in the development of the concept of a combat information center to integrate the data available from new technologies being introduced into the fleet. She did not follow Washington when the flagship turned left, but sailed in front of the flaming destroyers, presenting a perfect silhouette. Because of the threat posed by CAF aircraft based at Henderson Field, the Japanese were unable to use large, slow transport ships to deliver troops battlesbip supplies to the island.

Radar, fire control, turret motors, ammunition hoists, radios—everything went out, with her guns locked in train.

The failure to deliver to Guadalcanal most of the troops and especially supplies in the convoy prevented the Japanese from launching another offensive to retake Henderson Field. Shells were now flying at Washington. Navy and its vastly improving weapons and tactics. Receiving reports of the destruction of the U. Including the sinking of Juneautotal U. Radar spots were used against the first target while the target echo was present. The absence of this gear gave all hands a feeling of being blindfolded.

Again, and not for the last time, the Japanese taught the American a lesson in the use of torpedoes. Lee stated he felt “relief”, but Capt. For a time it seemed they were trapped, but determined shipmates doused the fires and closed open steam lines.