Schools 14 – 19 Becta SRF and ICT Mark. Eastern Primary School. Incline Row, Port Talbot, SA13 1TT, ,. [email protected] The school. The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement. It is designed to help. “During my time as an ICT advisory teacher Becta was a wonderful source .. The SRF is just one excellent example of a useful tool for schools.

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The Self-review framework is free to use via this online tool and is linked to the national standards for ICT.

It’s not surprisng that the schools lean this way.

I am src than a little tired of trying to explain to pupils why things “don’t work properly” when the truth is: We are unclear how this present Government sees the role of IT in the future economic growth of the UK, and how education can prepare our young people to compete with the rest of the digital economy. Build on the good stuff.

The FITS Foundation which has been spun off from Becta and will continue as a business is providing Training which will raise the standards throughout educational it. One senior manager, on a 4 day week, was only in attendance in office on Mondays and Tuesdays, as it was in contract that he worked at home on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

However, I hope that the Open Source Schools project is saved and used as the flagship for IT in schools in the future. As a parent, I recognise that my children need to have familiarity with MS products but they also need to know there are alternatives and what’s more, be able to use them. Not only is MS consistent in each app, but becga all apps and even the OS.

Please contact Naace for further information. As a national agency, there is also a bigger picture in which Becta played a part with BESA in sr promotion of British companies. All this in a public sector which has been demanding year-on-year pay rises when the private sector has been cutting ssrf.

As for open source I wouldn’t use it as my OS however Open Office and it’s other variations would be ideal in a school situation and as for support, well not much needed!!


Glad to see it gone.

From globally recognised keybindings, to OS architecture, linux systems provide a great way to get kids into computing, from which they can expand further. FOSS as an idea is fantastic, but not perfect and if they addressed the following I would look at using it more: Sadly, there was also a significant clique who had become complacent, greedy, lazy and self-serving. I worked inside Becta for a couple of years becha it illuminated me to the amount of waste there was inside some parts of the public bfcta.

Becta: Does it deserve to die?

When it was set up I think a level of hand holding was needed that just is not necessary any longer. Many comments in here that seem to extol Becta or pillory them. You can update the level for an aspect by giving values for all of the indicators, in exactly the same manner as you did for the previous framework. Well, to reiterate, the demise of Becta has little to do with Opensource vs proprietary or whatever.

Becta Schools – Self-review framework – Case studies

I agree with the first point, and disagree with the second, and the evidence for both is plain to see for anyone that’s actually used MS systems for any length of time. Seems that it would be worth picking carefully and extarcting the value that has been generated and created, and also the plans that could generate real value. Hopefully the new government won’t be so narrow minded, and implement a more society based spirit of co-operation.

Perhaps some of the better geeks from Becta will be able to move back to Gt Smith St and infect the DfE with a little bit of technological know how. If you wish, you can update this level by selecting values for all of the indicator questions.

Microsoft aren’t Apple, they can only lay down the guidelines, they are not going to force you to comply even if the end-result probably would be better for everyone. Having worked for Becta, have to agree that it was a prime candidate for closure. Here are some of many examples: While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.


Skip to content Turn off dynamic content recommended for users of assistive technologies Home Contact us Sign in Select your language: Introduction to the Self-review framework The Self-review framework is divided into six elements devised to support and challenge your school. Comments Post your comment Sign in or register to comment.

Sorry to hear your effort and altruism was wasted on this occasion. And schools having incompatible hardware that’s out of date before it’s installed is hardly new.

In the revised framework, srrf will notice that the ICT Mark threshold level has been unified to level 2 for all aspects. Your data has been assigned to bect aspects in the revised framework. The concern was that the programme was far too inflexible, with schools often ending up with out-of-date and expensive technology and not having the brcta to choose what they wanted, rather than what some bureaucrat felt they needed.

How many of those are still supported? This team has been a long term, low cost, big influence group both within BECTa and within the UK’s special needs and disability community.

Just get off your anti-MS bandwagon for a second and be honest and reasonable and admit that MS apps work in incredibly similar ways, using similar methods and look and feel across all apps.

You don’t seem to be able to make up your mind what your point is. The last quarter-century of my career has seen 17 years computing in industry and government, followed by eight years teaching ICT and Computing in secondary schools.

The upshot of this is that kids that are interested in computing are bored, those that aren’t interested in computing are bored anyway and good IT teachers leave for industry jobs because they are fed up with teaching secretarial skills rather than the subject they enjoy.

At present there is a vacuum and it seems like a big step back into the dark ages for innovation and progress in terms of this country’s economic recovery.