Treatise on Instrumentation (Dover Books on Music) [Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most influential. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Hector ioned. Berlioz was one of the first composers to deal greatly with orchestration. In this treatise he talks about what the different sounds that instruments make (tone.

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The following runs produce an excellent effect in the scene of the bathing women in Act II of Les Huguenots. In a chorus of airy spirits, the composer has used two pianos for four hands. Beethoven, 7th Symphony, 2nd movement, bars Then came the turn of modulations. The upper notes played fortissimo are excellent for violent and shattering effects, as for example in a storm or in a piece treatisr a ferocious or infernal character.

In such cases they assume the character of trumpets, but magnified to an enormous extent. But it is a mistake to suppose that all orchestras must be constructed instrumentayion to this scheme, which is based on the predominance of string instruments. In the case of drums, bass drums, cymbals and timpani, imstrumentation example, if they are used all at once to play certain rhythms in the commonplace manner, they can remain grouped together.

Harp harmonicsespecially with several harps in unison, are even more magical. Many composers studied the work closely, such as MussorgskyMahlerR. Then it was not possible at the time to write for violas distinctive parts which required from the players a normal degree of proficiency.

This was reaction taken to exaggeration. Views Read Edit View history.

Treatise On Instrumentation

It should however be mentioned that M. For accompaniments pizzicato figures played piano are always graceful in effect; they relax the listener and when used with discretion give variety to the orchestral texture. The most influential work of its kind ever written, appraising the musical qualities and potential of over 60 commonly used stringed, wind and percussion instruments.


We have not set ourselves the task of writing a collection of textbooks for different instruments, but rather to study how they can contribute to musical purposes when combined with each other. On another occasion, to obtain a deep roll in a symphony which would be much lower in pitch than the lowest notes of the timpani, I did this by using two players on a single bass drum that was stood upright like a drum.

The oboe is principally a melodic instrument ; it has a rustic character, full of tenderness, I would say even of shyness. But the finest concert orchestra, for a hall scarcely larger than that of the Conservatoirethe most complete, the richest in nuances and variety of tone colour, the most majestic, powerful and at the same time the most mellow, would be an orchestra composed as follows:. These cause each key to sound both the fundamental note and the octave or double octave of the note, or the double octave without the octave, or even the octave above and the octave below simultaneously.

An overview of how the orchestra functions as a whole and its development throughout history. Obviously it would be necessary to adopt a style of extraordinary breadth every time the entire mass of players and singers is used, while delicate effects, light and fast movements, should be reserved for small orchestras which the composer could easily assemble and make to dialogue with each other in this crowd of musicians.

On the other hand when M.

Berlioz Treatise on orchestration

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A new edition of the original Treatise was published in as volume 24 of the New Berlioz Edition. The normal practice is to write two parts for cornets, often in two different keys.

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It may preserve some of its character if given to the flutes, and will hardly lose anything if played by the clarinets. This manner of instrumentation could lead to grand and sublime effects. From some points of view the former are, generally speaking, inferior to the latter.

Grand traité d’instrumentation et d’orchestration modernes, Op.10 (Berlioz, Hector)

To accompany these vocal rehearsals use will be made either insturmentation an organ, or of a piano assisted with a few stringed instruments, violins and basses. Les Francs-jugesOp. It only has stops for simple berluoz double octaves and for shifting the keyboard right or left.

In the chorus of the priests of Isis in the Magic Flute Mozart has provided wonderful examples of how to give them the voice and manner of high priests. They have probably all admired the wonderful effect produced in the great E flat concerto sc.

A brief discussion of conducting practices in Europe during Berlioz’s day. The brilliant effect produced by military bands in some streets of large cities supports this statement while appearing to contradict it. The percussion instruments on their own; particular attention will be given to getting the timpani players to tune their instruments properly. But there is nothing more brilliant, better defined and more devoid of shrillness despite their brilliance than all the notes of the upper octave.