Brighu Prashna Nadi. +. Fortune Telling From The Permutation And Its Combination Of The Planets. +. Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: A Classical Work Based On NADI. 36% buy the item featured on this page: Bhrigu Prashna Nadi $ $ Vaastu Purusha Mandalam, 21% buy. Vaastu Purusha Mandalam $ $ 1 Brighu Frashna Nadi How to refer to the Bhrieu Prashna Nadi 1. The Bhrigu Prashna Nadi contains predictions, each prediction commencing on.

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Also very brave and courageous, intelligent and enjoyed success in early stages of life, although there were troubles at birth place, but soon regained good strength in next stages of life and improved himself by self independent efforts and deeds and all such Yogas are seen with this person.

Also, presently suffering from weakness, problems due to excess-of-heat, unhappiness and unsuccessful in efforts, deeds, enimities, etc. Just 3 years back has completed very bad time. This person, in this present birth, will enjoy lot of prosperity, wealth etc.

Others will be good and excellent and all happy.

Anyhow, without proper thinking if the person enters dealings, the chances are that he suffers pit-falls. In the same Amsha there is another person and this person suffers from home life.

But regarding aspects of wealth and other success the family enjoys good time.

Five years from now, is excellent period for the whole family and the desires will be fulfilled by family, children and other connected persons. This person did not get equivalent good results for his efforts, so naturally got praahna in life and presently, there is trouble from relatives, and obstructions, unhappiness in family and mind is seen and this is from past some time and misunderstanding among children in family circles, and unnecessary blame also seen and the female also tries to cheat cunningly and this woman is a relative of this person and this woman inspires and abets for internal family disturbance and trouble – shooting.


Bhrigu Prashna Nadi – R.G. Rao

Two to three persons in the family enjoys excellent career life and prospectus life. And also in subsequent periods, he will be able to enjoy profitability aspecting some commanding positions, besides opportunities for abroad travelling- too. Previously two bad times are over.

Also, it is to be noted that the person will enjoy all sorts of happiness, and prosperity by performing the said pooja. Somehow the person is not able to enjoy the fruits of hardship. As months pass by good news comes with good cooperation and enjoys benefits from anew place and the family – tree enjoys good time in two years from now and enjoys credit, fame, and profit.

Bhriggu, the Mother Goddess of this family Diety will help the person and enjoy good family, children and spend the life. From next year onwards and for another pprashna years good things will take place at home, in family, which is for all good and for success, prosperity naddi happiness.

Anyhow, from now on after three years, there is a guarantee that all the happiness and prosperity of life can be achieved and no doubt is there regarding all the praxhna happiness in life. This questionnaire, after a period of 8 months and 15 days after consulting this astrological aspects will enjoy all the yogas and auspicious aspects. During the course of next year, the family circle i.


After one year of marriage, happiness and benefits prasha be enjoyed. Marriage takes place in Blood-relations. Life becomes happy and cheerful with a happy time.

[PDF] Bhrigu Prashna Nadi – R.G. Rao – Free Download PDF

There is health trouble in the family circle. Now, from the past several months an ideas has entered into your mind and your plan comes to a fruitful conclusion after a period of eight months from now-onwards.

Previously three-way-attempts were all failures. Even at home, auspicious things takes place and your ambitions finds fruitful results, but take care of your health due to bhrig cold troubles.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi R G Rao

All your present plans, and ideas can take a shape only after 3 months from bow, and Divine help gives success and your family God will not leave the helping hand.

A very happy life. But still, auspicious and good results can now be forseen.

Brighu Prashna Nadi Your family and yourself will enjoy a good time after a few months of next year and not to be worried at all.

Again from 49 to 53rd age the period is just ordinary. Anyhow, present position is only medium results, unsoundness in health is seen. Thus, it brings him all prosperity, thus by the removal of evil things. During the course of naxi initial stages of life, the native will have to overcome endangering situations due to weapons and surgical instruments. One son will not be favourable who gives mental worries.