By John Horn, Ph.D. and Heather E. P. Cattell, Ph.D. Raymond Bernard Cattell, who died at his home in Honolulu on February 2, , must rank among the. Raymond Bernard Cattell (March 20, – February 2, ) was a Influenced by the work of Cyril Burt, Charles Spearman (who was. Personalidad de. Raymond Bernard. Cattell. Dr. Gonzalo Adán. UIB. sobre todo a partir de su teorías sobre la personalidad. Autor o . Trayectoria y biografía.

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InCattell was one of 52 signatories on ” Mainstream Science on Intelligence[61] ” an editorial written by Linda Gottfredson and published in the Wall Street Journal which declared the consensus of the signing scholars on IQ research following the publication of the book The Bell Curve. He clarified his theory of fluid versus crystallized intelligence, which he presented at the APA convention.

D student in mathematics at Radcliffe College. Cattell entered Lafayette College in at the age of sixteen, and graduated in four years with the highest honors. University of South Africa [2].

Bersoff Nadine Kaslow Barry S. Cattell believed that his mental tests were measuring intelligence; however, in Clark Wisslera student of Cattell, demonstrated rymond there was no statistical relationship between scores on Cattell’s tests and academic performance. Here Cattell first developed the idea that the new factor-analytic method that was so productive in studying abilities could also be powerful in understanding cattwll complex area of personality.

Cattell found that constructs used by early psychological theorists tended to be somewhat subjective and poorly defined. The Science and Politics of Racial Research. Wells, and Aldous Huxley. There he spent his early childhood happily with his brothers and friends, and developed a lifelong love for the ocean and sailing.


James McKeen Cattell

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It has been classified as “trait theory” though it deals with much more than merely the enduring characteristics whereby one person can be distinguished giografia another; it is also an account of states and systematic changes in behavior brought about through motivation and learning. They are seen as trait fe or continua, in which there are two opposite traits at each end with many possible degrees of the traits possible along the dimension.

Raymond B. Cattell Biography

Cattell and Hans J. Competitiveness should exist between groups, but the bjografia of large political organizations is inimical to advancement of the human species. One of the most important results of Cattell’s application of factor analysis was the derivation of 16 factors underlying human personality.

Raymond Cattell’s papers and books are the 7th most highly referenced in peer-reviewed psychology journals over the past century.

The lexical approach to personality: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. The description of personality: By contrast, the other is invested in particular areas of crystallized skills which can be upset individually without affecting the others.

Raymond Cattell

He provided some evidence for the former, but was unable to provide any for the latter. Eysenck], and then Cattell. Here they were developing the first electronic computer, the Illiac I, which would make it possible for the first time to do large-scale factor analyses.


These books were widely read and influenced the design of personality research around the world. When he factor analyzed the intercorrelations of the 16 primary trait measures themselves, he found no fewer than five “second-order” or “global factors”, now commonly known as the Big Five. The airplane was just a year old. Multivariate Behavioral Research,19 Clark Anne Anastasi Leona E.

At the beginning of his career, many raymod regarded psychology at best a minor field of study, or at worst a pseudoscience such as phrenology.

Raymond Cattell – New World Encyclopedia

Cattell was born in England in and grew up in a seaside Devonshire town where his father was a mechanical engineer who worked on such projects as developing innovations for WWI military equipment, for the steam engine, and for the new internal combustion engine. More than a trait theory, Cattell’s multiple-input, multiple output theory included transitory states and systematic changes in behavior resulting from motivation and learning, as well as from familial, cultural, genetic, and physiological factors.

In memoriam de Raymond B. Psychological Review, 55 1 In addition, he has brought together numerous outstanding authors in influential edited books, perhaps most notably the two Handbooks of Multivariate Experimental Psychology Re-examination of the major personality factors in the Cattell, Comrey and Eysenck scales: The Eysenck Personality Inventory reflected these two traits, however a revision of the survey entitled the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire added psychoticism as a third trait.