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On the first day after the surgery, patients use a walker or crutches to help with partial weight-bearing movement, are taught some basic isometric exercises and given a home exercise program that includes step training. All the devices used for the lengthening are secured to the bones; other soft tissues muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc.

This is a risk that cannot be taken. It is very important for people who are seeking a change of this kind to have psychological support both during as well as after the decision-making process.

The risks and complications that occur in other lengthening operations can also be seen in cosmetic lengthening surgeries. B When he was referred to us, after the external fixator had been used for cosmetic purposes to address the bone deformities in both tibiae, a discrepancy the two legs was observed, and the patient could not walk and could only be mobile with the help of a wheelchair. uzatznlar

COSMETIC LENGTHENING | Metin Küçükkaya – Erişkin ve Çocuklarda Uzatma – Deformite Düzeltme

At the same time the amount of weight-bearing activity increases uzatannlar the patient goes from walking with partial support to walking with no support at all.

Throughout this process, in addition to detailed clinical examinations, advanced radiological examinations are done in addition to generating orthopedic templates which involves computer-assisted planning.

The biggest risk in these types of surgeries is for a person who had no issue or difficulty with walking in the past to start experiencing this problem, which is an unacceptable risk. Both the muscular structure uztaanlar well as the bone normally function in perfect harmony.

What are the risks and complications associated with cosmetic lengthening? Thanks to the use of “Precice magnetic rod technology”which can be controlled externally, it’s possible to perform cosmetic lengthening. Also, external fixators uzatnalar on the outside can be uncomfortable when they are set up improperly. Uzatwnlar are Cosmetic Lengthening Procedures Done? However, it is not possible to mention the external fixator methods used in classic lengthening techniques such as the Ilizarov Method uzatajlar those used for cosmetic lengthening.


What is cosmetic lengthening? The lengthening surgery can result in joint stiffness and severe scarring unattractive cosmetic scarring when external fixators are used that pass through the skin, muscles and tendons and are used to secure the bones in place from the outside with nails and wires.

Such problems, however, are unacceptable in cosmetic lengthening procedures. The perception we have of our bodies plays a siginificant role in defining how we see ourselves overall.

The muscles and other soft tissues are adapted uzatanlsr surgery in order to make the length of a shorter leg equal to that of the other. Due to the developments in modern medicine, “Precice magnetic rod technology”, which can be controlled externally, makes it possible to perform cosmetic lengthening surgeries more precisely.

However, there is a risk of of disrupting this harmony during a prolonged cosmetic lengthening surgery, in which case the person may also run the risk of experiencing serious injuries. After this detailed work is carried out and we uzattanlar that it can be executed flawlessly, and when both we and the patient understand the procedure involved, we proceed with the cosmetic lengthening surgery.

D,E In this case, we decided that the best treatment option would be the Taylor Spatial Frame computer-assisted uzatanoar fixator system. The treatment lasted for 6 months. In what way will the post-op recovery period impact my life?

The most commonly asked question is, “Is cosmetic lengthening surgery right for me?

40 yaşından sonra boyları 10 santimetre uzadı.

What will happen if I don’t have the operation? Every day, developments in the medical world make it possible to perform lengthening surgeries which respond uzqtanlar cosmetic demands, surgeries which were only previously carried out in cases in which it was deemed necessary.


What will the uzattanlar of getting used to the changes be like? However, thanks to all their advantages, “Magnetic Rod Technology-Precice” has made cosmetic lengthening operations a possibility without there being any loss of function. Cosmetic lengthening surgeries reveal differences that exist when one leg is shorter than the other.

Then the patient returns to normal life. The person’s expectations should be reasonable, and uzatanlat technically and medically feasible. F,G At the end of the treatment, the patient was able to walk again and return to work. Why do I want this uzstanlar What should I expect after the operation? Physical changes could include everything ranging from the amount of make-up used or shaving done, to an operation, as long as those conditions fit the person and are appropriate.

Body image relates to our ability to recognize, accept and care for our bodies, from how we see ourselves from the outside to what we see reflected back to us in the mirror.

Operations of this kind change the perceptions of an individual uzqtanlar of him or herself. It is also not possible to consider the possibility of leaving a permanent scar on the skin after a cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic lengthening surgeries involving external fixators being attached to the outside of the leg run the risk of failure as well as the risk of producing an uneven walk for patients who have never experienced the problem before. How long have I thought about having the procedure? How well can I use resources to help me to cope?