Dr. Bujar Hisni Durmishi is born in in village of Sellca, municipality of Tetova. Elementary school and gymnasium he finished with a solid success in. Bujar H Durmishi, State University of Tetova, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Chemistry, Faculty Member. Studies Computer. View Dr. Bujar H. Durmishi’s professional profile and learn about their bio, experiences, skills, accolades, educational background and more.

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Topics Discussed in This Paper.

Bujar H. Durmishi – Google Scholar Citations

Skip to main content. The quality of drinking water becomes even more important as water borne diseases spread through water. The formation of THMs during the chlorination process represents a serious health problem, as they significantly increase the possibility of the risk of several types h.durmisi cancers.

Legal aspects of environmental protection in Macedonia. New teaching methods were focused on gaining conceptual knowledge. It has been found that drinking water in the s Quality of drinking water in some villages in Shara Mountain and Tetovo city, compared with water quality of city aqueduct.

Durmishi and Arianit A. Kimia 3 Pjesa II more. The purpose of this paper is to With Albanian teachers of elementary and high schools of Republic of Macedonia, he held 7 basic seminars of the project h.durmizhi learning — Interactive bujad in Tetova, Skopje and in Struga.

Multipathway risk assessment on disinfection by-products of drinking water in Hong Kong. Physico Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water. He was a member — and deputy president – of Commission bujr Passing the Professional State Exam of Chemistry for chemistry teacher organized from Ministry of Education and Sciences.


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Help Center Find new research papers in: Hannu Komulainen Toxicology The research was carried out with In this research, parameters such as temperature, turbidity, RC, pH, EC, TRAE, TDS, COD, nitrites, nitrates, ammonia and chlorides were found to be within the permissible limits, while residual chlorine in one case were found to be below lower than the recommended limit.

With these examinations it is concluded presence of organic matter in the sample.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of computer simulations and real experiments on understanding the concepts of acids and bases. Trihalomethanes in Tetova’s Drinking Water more. Durmishi is a Member of the Editorial Board and reviewer in several international journals, and he has published several scientific articles, of which some are in the area of the water environment.

Epidemiological inference and evidence on DBPs and human health.

Disinfection of Drinking Water and Trihalomethanes : A Review

The objectives of anticoagulant therapy in the initial treatment are to prevent thrombus extension and early and late recurrences of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Log In Sign Up. Some of the questions concerning the understanding of the processes on a molecular level were better answered in Sim groups; however, in general, it was concluded that the real experiments approach was the most effective.

Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Log In Sign Up. The research was carried out with students in total in the second year of Thus, their elimination and regular monitoring is imperative. The research was carried out with students in total in the second year of secondary schools from three different cities in Macedonia in relation to the topic pH and Indicators.

Bujar H Durmishi | State University of Tetova –

Analytical chemistry, Instrumental methods of chemistry analysis, Bujaar chemistry, Sources and the usage of chemistry information, The implementation of computers in chemistry, The lab technique. It has been found that drinking water in the spring seas We recommend that the relevant municipal authorities make regular and proper amount disinfection of drinking water, as there is no compromise that can be made when it comes to the drinking water.


The results indicate that the seasonal variation is below the critical values stipulated in the state, EU, and WHO regulations seasonal average From This Paper Topics from this paper. Trihalomethanes in Tetova’s Drinking Water. Journal Publications Bujar H.

According to the scanning electronic microscopy SEMthe infra-red IR and powder X-ray XRPD examinations, it was determined that examined trepel is composed mainly of opal of biogenetic origin as well as quartz, illite — hydromicas, feldspars plagioclases, feldsparsand chlorites of minor importance.

This paper presents the comparative aspects of the efficiency of three different teaching approaches on the acquisition of students’ knowledge and skills. Fletore pune nga Kimia 7 more. In this article we present the removal technologies for the THMs and their precursors.

Fawell, 40 years on: Among of pregnant women, of them received anticoagulant therapy, respectively Low Molecular Weight Heparins. Also he was outside collaborator of Bureau of Development of Education – Regional unit in Tetova for the chemistry subject sinceas a Mentor of Chemistry in the projects: Available online at www. Disinfection of Drinking Water and Trihalomethanes: