These are the steps to configure the Ubiquiti Bullet. Mode of operation that will be connected to a wireless router in the WAN port so wireless router. Like all Ubiquiti equipment the Bullet is capable of being set in any wireless mode – access point, station, bridge, router, AirMax (for P2P/P2MP) AP/station. Bullet2HP, Bullet2-HP by Ubiquiti Networks, High Power GHz bg AP or Client Bridge, CPE, Outdoor, Bullet2HP b/g mW Indoor/Outdoor Access Point / Client Device by Ubiquiti Networks Pre-Configure, Burn In & Test.

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Bridge and Router mode. It should really give you a reasonable range assuming the antenna’s are correct. The reason I gave you what I did was so you can change locations and need to log onto poiny new Wi-Fi marina hotspot you can do it wirelessly through your laptop or hand held devices.

It has been assigned within the Bullet’s configuration?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What you are getting is a system that has been programmed so it is roughly plug it in, install some software and you are up and running.

It’s Ringo’s birthday so PeaceAndLove. One issue with some of those pre-configured setups that I found while researching is that sometimes they use their own software to configure various settings, if you go that route then it is likely that they will be the only ones able to help you since it is their software.


Ubiquiti Bullet2HP Installation and Onboard Wifi installation –

Try this test, give Ubiquiti a call 9am-5pm PSTask for support, tell them what you are planning to do and ask them, If I get stuck can you help me. I think I’ll be able to pick up my work wifi on my mooring with this.

TimG – January 27th, Your better off buying two regular ones. Are you asking how to setup the router? I would imagine that the majority of their customers fall into two categories, those that don’t want to fool with setting a system up, and those that are apprehensive and don’t think they have the capability.

I boat on the Tennessee river so in most cases my boat is not rolling like it would on the open water. I’ll certainly be adding this to my boat configuratiion the summer.

The cost of the package that I installed is broken down below: To configure the Bullet buullet2hp an access point, change the following configurations in the Wireless tab:.

I truly appreciate your help. You will likely have to explain what you are doing to the technician so he can understand your needs. What about connecting the router? CapnJack thanks for the update and I am glad you got it working.

Help – Simple set up for Bullet M2HP / Wireless router / Computer to receive wifi internet access

Let us know what solves the problem! I can read this sentence a couple of ways but I think you are saying that the Netgear Wireless Router is in AP mode and is given a static IP address as one of the settings that was defined in the Bullet setup. I have used this bullet2ph for a few months now and I am very satisfied with its overall performance.


Welcome to the community and good luck with your project. I really appreciate the time you have taken to help. I appreciate it configjration great deal.

I’ll have to look at my notes.

Poitn mine after the Ubiquiti was set up, I unplugged the network cable from my laptop and plugged it into the un-powered router. When it is up and running I will come back to this thread with a report.

The router was an older one that I had at home, so it was pretty much setup in advance.

Example of a static address for the Netgear using page 5 would be I’m using them as home access points. So far so good, but when I diagnosed bullt2hp ‘cannot display web page’ issue, the result was something that indicated a DNS problem – like ‘cannot resolve msn. Want to add to the discussion?