Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal, Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inside track to India’s most powerful tycoons The. Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Gita Piramal is managing editor of The Smart Manager, India’s first world-class management magazine, launched in.

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We used to be there, looking at the activity in the street below. The companies had acquired Reliance snares after Ambani’s battle with the bears in May But, at the time, it was hard to raise the piffling Rshe needed to get into manufacturing, with sceptics outnumbering believers.

Cash outflows on servicing would go down. Undeterred, Ambani built himself a well-equipped gymnasium and got to work, teaching his body to respond to his mind’s demands. On February 9, Dhirubhai succumbed to the pressure and suffered a paralytic stroke from which he would never totally recover. All that I needed was a small gap which I could penetrate, and I did so successfully. And at the first turning point in each of their careers, a piece of luck has come their way.

In a World Bank team visited twenty-four leading textile mills and reported that ‘judged in relation to developed country standards, only one mill, Reliance, could be maharanas as excellent’. Now we have a fully integrated composite mill,” said Indu Sheth, now retired.

Business Maharajas (Penguin business)

Ambani’s success bred jealousy. When he smiles, it’s a cheek- splitting ear-to-ear grin. There’s no point picking shooting stars: Was this a legitimate business deal or one of Dhirubhai’s creative schemes? On mahraajas third day, I asked the Du Pont people, “What do you think? It’s hard being a Tara.

We had to salute our officers who went around in jeeps.

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How did these men build their enormous empires? We can’t change our rulers, but we can at least help them learn how to rule us better, he used to tell his executives. Producing over a million vehicles a year, Rahul Bajaj has built the world’s fourth largest two-wheeler company in western India.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Ambani founded a brash, upstart company which challenged the established business houses and their way of conducting business. On the contrary, when local PSF production was 37, tpa and another 10, tonnes was being imported, Reliance applied for a licence of 45, tonnes, i. Over time, he integrated sideways into LAB linear alkyl benzene, used by detergent manufacturersinto thermoplastics such as PVC poly vinyl chlorideHDPE high density polyethyleneLDPE low density polyethylene, used by plastics processorsand then worked his way backwards through intermediates such as MEG mono ethylene glycolpara xylene and n-paraffin, to’ the basic raw material, ethylene and ultimately the source of petrochemicals, oil.


To get round this problem and stimulate demand, Ambani launched a ‘buy back’ scheme where Reliance sold its “Recron’ brand of yarn to small power looms who then sold the grey cloth back to the company for finishing and eventual sale under the Vimal brand name In a sense this was a repeat of the Naroda experience where Dhimbhai had used power looms to get round government limitations on production, He would also repeat the careful nurturing of suppliers just as fabric vendors had been nurtured during the hectic days of which saw a new Reliance outlet opening virtually every day.

The companies appeared to act in unison— at least six bought Reliance shares on the same day— so there was probably one ultimate owner. You could call them stubborn, even bullheaded, and once an idea has germinated in their mind, they won’t give it up easily. The issue for the worsted mill was quickly followed by one in for modernizing its textile millto finance PFY manufacture and a record Rs m one in at the time of the attack by the infamous bear syndicate which had forced the closure of the BSE and made Ambani a national figure.

Like Ambani and Bajaj, Aditya Birla was a green field man, preferring to build his own companies rather than buy what others had erected. I love the way the author introduces each of the scenarios i.

This was perhaps the last time that Ambani could act without rivals snapping at his heels, without questions being raised in Parliament and in the media, on stock exchanges and the bazaars, Indira Gandhi was assassinated on October 3 1 While cracking down on corporate corruption, Singh followed a carrot and stick policy.


RP was forced to swallow his pride and return— which made the acquisition all the sweeter maharajws it came through in If you spend more money, you get more epreciation. Oct 11, Pratik Patankar rated it liked it Shelves: Then he rose to become a sales manager. Three months earlier, on March 22, the Indian Express had front-paged an article on debenture conversions entitled “Sub-rule or subversive rule’, and called on the finance minister to ‘prevent this prejudicial tendency from becoming mauarajas of the system’.

Both were spinning mills and produced roughly the same product. And give sensible returns to shareholders. Ambani became the chamatkar.

Book Review: Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal

Not only that but this book explore a wide history of indian businesses from post independence era to pre globalization India. The newspaper Indian Express carried a series of stinging articles against Ambani and Reliance incausing much harm to its business interests. Jennifer Netarwala is a Mumbai-based journalist.

No one understands the psychology of capital markets and of the Indian investor better than Dhirubhai. When the High Unit Value Scheme, came, we were manufacturing and exporting. How did these men build their enormous empires? It wasn’t an extravagance. Sitting at his desk one day inhe drew up a flow chart.

In India, it raised a brouhaha. He returned to India for the abortive June 1 1 board meeting and the annual general meeting but left almost immediately for further treatment in Switzerland. Shell, who had set up a refinery in Aden maharzjaspaid his first salary of Rs a month.

Business Maharajas – Gita Piramal – Google Books

At sixty-three a few years younger than Rama Prasad Goenka and a little older than Ratan Tara, Ambani’s level of personal motivation is amazingly high, his drive, if that is possible, even more insatiable than before.

Ambani is a first generation entrepreneur, the Bajajs were rich long before Ambani was born. While writing this book, have I piramql subjective?