Oursubhakaryam’s (Pichuka vari) Gantala Panchangam Oursubhakaryam’s Srisaila Devasthanam’s Butte Veerabhadra’s Panchangam Panchangam describes Tidhi, Vaaram, Nakshatram, Yogam & Karnam. get free download of – Sree Jaya Nama Samvatsara Gantala Panchangam. Telugu Panchangam , Panchangam , Nandana Nama Samvatsara , Mulugu Subhathidi Panchangam , Mulugu.

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Download Telugu Panchangam We want to download your butte veerabhadra panchangam for years please give me information what is procesor to download.

Telugu Gantala Panchangam Fee Download Page

I dont know date of birth exactly. I dont know my date of birth exactly.

I want to know about my career as i am preparing for government job and writing exams from two years. Next month, i am getting my results Will i get the job or not.

Hafizunnisa Ganapavaram West Godavari Dt. Agamaiah telangana, ranga reddy dist, pin: M My rasichakramy ismeenarasiwith uttarabhadra.


My name is suresh. My date of birthmay i know about present and future. I am trying to settle my life.

This is Bhavani D. If any of you have it, please let me know.

My name is uma ramanjali. I want to know about which day and time for second delivery of sigerien. Hi sir guntoju srinivasulu ashwini nashtram 3: Butte Veerabhadra Daivagna Panchangam Write Your Comment Cancel reply. September 1, at 6: November 2, at 7: March 5, at 2: March 25, at ;anchangam April 18, at 7: P sohan das says: Telug 28, at 3: January 30, at March 17, at 8: July 11, at 8: March 1, at 3: March 23, at 9: March 24, at October 27, at 5: