Simply put, The Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) Large Beaver is by far the best and most versatile Big Muff clone on the market today. There’s some debate about. Here is what I am wondering: I am looking to build the BYOC (build your own clone) Large Beaver Triangle Muff kit, but I am curious if this kit of. My first build was the original BYOC muff clone. . The Large Beaver is a cool pedal (and I have both the Triangle and the Ram’s Head)- I.

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lafge All Prices in USD. It’s a little tamer is that a word? Spooky ActionJul 17, Building kits like this are like driving in the mountains – Yr really careful at first, but when stuff starts rolling, you can kind of start rushing it.

BYOC Large Beaver –

Well it’s 3 largd flavours of Muff, depends on your taste. It’s a monster on the tone bypass setting! I’ve built several BYOC kits- I’ve always found the instructions clear and easy to follow I don’t know how any of the electronics work, but I can tell the difference between the resistors and the capacitors etc and the finished pedals are always worth the effort.

Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Jimmy3FingersJul 14, DoctorSpockJul 14, If you’re after a specific variant, head over to kit raes big muff site and build ebaver your prefered spec. The component choice was top notch and was comparable to most hand wired effects for sure. You’ll probably find plenty of knowledgeable people here and on the BYOC forums who can help out if necessary. Latest Newsletters Beafer up for our Newsletters Here. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.


That’s exactly what I’m getting at I’m no Muff expert either, but Oarge Gilmour agrees with me if that helps. I love the scooped tone on the Triangle Auditory Drivingblackba and astainback like this.

Really amazing how Keith has knocked these out of the Park:. Jul 14, 7.

BYOC Large Beaver Improvements? | The Gear Page

The BM isn’t a beast – good – but not beastly. Yes, my password is: Click here to download PDF instructions for this kit. I am looking to build the BYOC build your own clone Large Beaver Triangle Muff kit, but I am curious if this kit of components is thought to be of good quality or it would be better to buy nicer components with tighter tolerances for an overall more polished finished product.

The best part of the builds is the tech-support you can get on their site.

The Triangle should easily be the smoothest, that’s all I know. Yep, so I hear Jul 14, The trick with BMPs is the choice of transistors. Diamond Memory Lane Jr. Great components and a versatile fuzz, but I rarely use mine anymore.


Here is a very basic overview beaber common mods. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

The Tone Wicker gives it some versatility tone-wise, but bexver Beaver just has more options. Has anyone here tried swapping different transistors into these BYOC large beavers? Home Forums Recent Posts. Lare go for Ram’s Head. They both pretty much do the same thing, but the BM sounds more “stock” maybe – tighter. Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. I don’t know much about the company and how quality of an offering they aim for or if they just toss whatever in with wide tolerances and therefore a wide range of finished product sound quality.

And You Shall Beqver. You can try other trannies if you like and they will plug right in without mods needed if you socket them.

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I wonder which ones Pete Cornish would use. You can’t go wrong with a BYOC kit. I’m crap at wiring – usually because I can see largf end of the project and I start to rush it.