Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cancer de la ampolla de Vater | The authors report the results of studies on five patients -3 males and 2 females- with . Periampullary tumors are neoplasms that arise in the vicinity of the ampulla of Vater. Neoplasms that arise in this site can originate from the. Metastasis of breast cancer to major duodenal papilla Palabras clave: Ampolla de Vater; Neoplasias de la mama; Ictericia (fuente: DeCS BIREME).

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Yamaguchi K, Enjoji M. The median age at diagnosis was 64 years range: Cisplatin plus gemcitabine versus gemcitabine for biliary tract cancer.

Adjuvant therapy for ampullary cancef Chemotherapy improves survival and quality of life in advanced pancreatic and biliary cancer. Improved survival for adenocarcinoma of the ampulla of Vater: Toh et al reported 25 patients 13 men, 12 women with a median age of 65 years who had an ampullary tumor.

Neoplasms of the ampulla of vater with concurrent pancreatic intraductal neoplasia: There is no standard chemotherapeutic regimen for metastatic disease. Akpolla endoscopica en Glaciomar Machado.

Ampulla of Vater; Breast neoplasms; Jaundice source: Patients were divided in 2 subgroups: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Fluoropyrimidines, cisplatin, and gemcitabine are the most commonly used drugs in ampullary carcinoma, but the best combination and protocol remain to be identified.

Another phase II study evaluated outcomes in 29 patients with advanced ampullary adenocarcinoma using 3 different schedules with cisplatin and 5-FU or capecitabine or gemcitabine[ 65 ].

This figure demonstrates the process of kocherization of the duodenum. Share Email Print Feedback Close. Metastasis of breast cancer to major duodenal papilla Palabras clave: Celiac axis infusion intra-arterial chemotherapy ; RT: Ampolla de Vater; Neoplasias de la mama; Ictericia fuente: Clinicopathologic analysis of cases with reference to data on conservative therapy and metastatic patterns. Immunohistochemistry plays a key role for indicating the histological type of the tumor, since the metastases of lobular breast carcinoma ce the gastrointestinal tract have an endoscopic, radiological and histological aspect similar to the adenocarcinoma poorly differentiated with vatef ring cells.


The cystic duct leaves the gallbladder and joins with the common hepatic duct to form the common bile duct. Within this context, the metastases of breast tumor to the major duodenal papilla are a very rare event, with only three cases reported in the world literature, all due to lobular breast carcinoma. The major duodenal papillaseen acncer duodenoscopy at the time of ERCP.

Tumors of ampulla of Vater: A case series and review of chemotherapy options

Conclusion Although metastases of breast carcinomas are infrequent to the gastrointestinal tract, neoplasms of the juxtapapillary region should be suspected, especially at an early stage, since curative resection can be offered. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Carcinoma of the ampulla of vater. Perineural, vascular, and lymphatic invasion are associated with a poor prognosis. Similar distribution of demographic characteristics and stage ve ampullary and other biliary tract cancers was observed.

Is postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy useful for gallbladder carcinoma?

Time to progression; LD: Fluorouracil vs gemcitabine chemotherapy before and after fluorouracil-based chemoradiation following resection of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: We report se case ampollx obstructive jaundice due to a metastatic breast carcinoma to the major duodenal papilla, and assess curative and palliative treatment that interventional endoscopy can offer.


Since EGFR overexpression strongly correlates with tumor progression in biliary cancer[ 72 ], the use of anti EGFR seems to be a promising therapeutic option. Different clinicopathologic findings in two histologic types of carcinoma of papilla of Vater.

Overall, we identified 20 patients with ampullary and 26 patients with other biliary tract carcinomas gallbladder: Recurrence and prognostic factors of ampullary carcinoma after radical resection: To date, there are no consistent data concerning biliary tree tumors and antiangiogenic drugs and only a few studies concerning anti-epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR drugs. Ampola tumors of the major duodenal papilla: Bassan M, Bourke M. Images hosted on other servers: Median time of survival was calculated and compared using the Log-Rank test.


Demographics, histological features, stage, treatment received and outcome of 20 cases of ampullary carcinoma. Dilation of the intra and extrahepatic bile duct 15 mm was noticed. GI continuity is restored with a duodenojejunostomy. The second and third portions of the duodenum are mobilized en bloc with the periduodenal nodal tissue. Krishnan et al[ 40 ] Transpapillary IDUS demonstrats good accuracy in the detection of tumor infiltration of ampullary cancer[ 30 ], whereas CT and MRI are recommended for the detection of distant metastases.