Caprari E4XP. Electric 4” multistage submersible pumps of the latest generation. Compact, practical and stainless, they combine power and reliability thanks to. Caprari – E4XP – Electric Stainless Radial Submersible Pumps by Caprari S.p.A.. High-efficiency multistage submersible electric pumps available in a wide. Distributors for the Caprari Energy and Desert series borehole pumps, 4″ borehole submersible pumps with Defender galvanic protector.

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XS Pippo sub stainless pumps Pippo – P4. Complete range detail and performance data for the Caprarii range. CapSub4 System 2 Flexibore Data Sheet. Excellent references and a great welcome has been received through the international network of Branches and Dealers; particularly in Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Zambia, Tunisia, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, testifying to the exceptional ability of these new pumps to work in heavy duty conditions such as pumping sea water, high content of sand, drainage dirty water and from water tables down in very deep wells.

B5 electric motors Speroni B3.

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Overview and component break down of the CapSub3 3″ Bore System. It’s the best solution for submersible pumps, providing enhanced performance compared to rigid riser pipes PVC and Poly ; and eliminates the need for safety cable. B5 electric motors Xaprari B3. Extra Performances for Professionals.


Caprari E4XP Submersible Borehole Pump

The class-leading efficiency of the E4XP Pump makes it ideally suited for solar powered pumping applications. First and foremost, the pumps have been equipped with specific supports, sand guards and an original check-valve.

The structural casing and all the metal components are made of selected, high-strength AISI stainless steel. System 2 Models CapDrive Ultimate: High-efficiency multistage submersible electric pumps available in a wide range. L’imballo ovvero la scatola era troppo leggera per il peso del prodotto.

How to install the submersible pump inside a tank? Complete overview of the CapSub 4″ Bore System, including detailed breakdown of components for each model. X – 6″ Submersible Pumps P6. Caprari Pumps offers a range of electrical panels specifically designed for pairing with a solar array and E4XP pump to make remote pumping – either retrofitting windmill or new bores – a genuine performance option.

This page provides ready access to our supporting literature and technical documentation. Elettromek di Germano Antonino – Via C. Professional eCommerce for electromechanical, hydraulical, agricultural products and much more This innovative solution was deposited an international patent.


E4XP Caprari: Extra Performances for Professionals

CapSub4 System 3 How to choose a well pump? Nulla da dichiarare Voto: The Online Pump Magazine.

Planned to meet the most varied demands from global markets, accurate research into hydraulics has achieved ultra-high performances and top-of-the-bracket efficiency for these pumps, while keeping their dimensions down to the minimum. Sub pumps and submersible motors.

New 6″ Borehole Electric Pumps. XS Submersible electric pumps P4.

High level features of the submersible pumps at the heart of CapSub systems. CapSub3 System 2 Secondly, Caprari decided to introduce an exclusive innovation: Caprari E4XP submersible boreholes stand out for their ability to withstand the heaviest duty conditions. Compact and stainless, they combine power and reliability owing to their pioneering type of construction three exclusive patents and the quality of the materials used to make them.