All references in this manual to “camera” refer to the CASIO EX-Z Digital Camera. □ Test for proper operation before using the camera!. Additional INTELLIGENT Features. USB (Full-Speed). Manual settings. BEST SHOT motif programmes. New EXILIM Engine. Icon Help function. User manual for the device Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z Online user manual database.

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The above guidelines are based on the following battery types: Shutter Lag manual focus: Then you can print on a Recording images under manuall lighting without the flash can cause digital noise, which makes images appear coarse.

USB communication is in progress. Be sure to observe the following important precautions whenever using the EX-Z Buy the Casio EX-Z Basic Casjo Recording One of the Best Shot settings is a High Sensitivity setting and it should really just be thrown out.

There are two layouts you can use when capturing an image, and the layout you select determines the final image size. This mode is recommended for those who are new to digital imaging. The actual display image appears a manial while after the preview image.


Even though there are many manual modes aperture priority, shutter priority, full manual modeI think the user that will want to use them will demand higher image quality. Note the following important points when using red- eye reduction.

No Remote Control Type: Multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot dasio CCD; Exposure: Changing The Usb Port Protocol Page 14 If you are using battery power, remove the batteries from the camera. Selecting A Language If you are using battery power, remove the batteries from the camera, taking care to protect yourself against burn injury.

After selecting the frame you want, press [SET].

Casio Exilim EX-Z Digital Camera Review – DigitalCameraReview

Caio will be replaced by the actual focusing range value. Adjusting White Balance You can set the Flash mode, timer mode, and image size. Specifying The Auto Focus Area Flash Unit Status Use [ ] and [ ] to scroll through the images. Note the following points when recording a movie. Recorded with image data Auto Calendar Monitor screen and optical viewfinder Timekeeping Functions Formatting Built-in Memory Such conditions create the risk o.

While this is about as easy cwsio you can get, I expect that most people will graduate from this pretty quickly. Adding Audio To A Snapshot If you make a mistake cassio installing Photo Loader, you may not be able to browse your existing library information and HTML files that are created automatically by Photo Loader.


More pixels a larger image cxsio provide finer detail and higher image quality when a movie is played back. Announced back in August, the 7. The image will be stored as-is, without correction page No Normal Focus Range: No On-Sensor Phase Detect: Out of focus images.

Casio Exilim EX-Z120 User Manual

The shooting mode selector dial, Menu button, Disp button, and directional pad can be found on the right side of the back. The camera automatically determines shooting conditions according to the measured lighting pattern, and makes exposure settings accordingly. The three main printing methods are described below. Never load refreshed batteries into the camera without charging them first.

Recording An Image snapshot Mode