Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Nintendo DS game in the Castlevania series. Players take on the role of Shanoa, a member of the Order of Ecclesia. Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall.

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Grab it and continue to the right. Find the convexy crate above the Mad Butcher, break it for Cream Puff. Push the barrel by swimming to it and once near the rocks, attack it to detonate castlevznia clear a shortcut. What you can do for the Justice Ring is, keep destroying the stones behind the wall again and again.

Grab the Emperor Ring there and continue to the next screen to the left. Jump down and stick to the left part, perform a tuide jump to get the Heart Max Up treasure. Use Magnes to boost Shanoa towards the red chest. Check the Dark Room map here if you want to challenge it for now: There will be an opening in the ecdlesia right but you can’t reach it yet.

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Take the HP Max Up chest.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for DS – GameFAQs

Allow the spotlight to shine on you so a sturdy Tin Man appears. Crouch in the middle of the waterfall.

You can get the Fulgur glyph from the thunder demons here. What you need to do is pull the explosive barrel to the rocks on the top and then destroy it to break the rocks.

Absorb the Dominus Anger that he gives you, then exit the area. Just keep on attacking whenever you have the chance to ride on its back. The faster you defeat the White Dragon, the easier this battle will be. Continue to the right to reach another vertical passage. Continue to the room to the right and you’ll find another chest.

Hmm just a thought from your ideas, what about Fortune Ring?

As the boss getting lower HP, he will warp and attack from both side, double jump is the best way to dodge this move. Once you enter the place, crouch in the middle of the candles to discover the treasure, Blue Drops.

Drop down to the lower floors and save your game to the right. Absorb the Dominus Hatred glyph. Continue to the left hallway, grab the chest and the MP Max Up in the next vertical passage. Continue moving up then going to the room ordder the right.


BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide

Enter the path to the top left corner and drop off to the large room. Then go right through the path below the mountain. Besides, you can find another treasure and G in the end of this area. Quest 4 – The Job of a Lifetime – Requested item: You’ll obtain the Fidelis Caries. Go down through the floor in the lower left. You can’t get past the frozen falls so use the platforms to reach the topmost level and jump to the left to find another glyph.

Grab the Heart Max Up from the chest.

WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Please check this section for more details of each quest from the villagers. As mentioned before the Vol Umbra guixe inside this dark room. Albus mode is similar to a normal play through except playing as Albus.