Buy Catan Expansion: Seafarers: Hose Reels – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Catan: Seafarers, or Seafarers of Catan in older editions, (German: Die Seefahrer von Catan) is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan for three. Find great deals on eBay for Catan Seafarers in Miscellaneous Board and Traditional Games. Shop with confidence.

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Older editions of the extension had a five-player version with five islands, called The Five Islands.

For a city at a gold field, you only receive resources, not commodities. Ships and roads can be built towards each other; but even if they both reach the same intersection, they are not connected until you build a settlement there. Includes enough pieces for players, ages 10 and up. The Settlers of Catan Board games introduced in Build ships, set sail, and conquer the magnificent island world of Catan. Unlike The Settlers of Catan and Catan: When a seven is rolled or a Knight card is played, the player may move either the robber OR the pirate.

First, you head for new shores. Greater Catan seafaters a scenario included in the older editions of Seafarers but is not included in newer editions. You need Catan aka The Settlers of Catan in order to use this.

Now five to six players can sail into the wild uncharted seas and explore and settle the many mysterious islands near Catan! On the large island, there exists a “wall of deserts” that separates the island seeafarers a large main area and separate smaller strips of land.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hexes sexfarers the main island for which there are no number tokens do not produce resources, but number tokens are moved in such a way so as to avoid rendering a city unproductive; furthermore, whenever possible number tokens must be reassigned from hexes bordering a player’s own settlements and cities, so as to prevent harming another player’s economy without harming a player’s own economy at the same time.


Catan Seafarers: Board & Traditional Games | eBay

If your shipping route has reached a new island, you may build a settlement there. Each scenario describes the rules for how to acquire these chits. This is an expansion for The Settlers of Catan. The Seafarers expansion contains new frame pieces, which – together with the frame pieces of the Catan base game – can be used to assemble frames of variable size. The Pirate Islandintroduced in newer editions, is the first scenario which changes the mechanics of new gameplay elements introduced in Seafarers.

Randomly select the harbor tokens, one at a seafarrs, and place them on the board where the scenario diagram indicates. Explore and settle Catan by Sea! Count shipping routes when you calculate the “Longest Trade Route”. Of course, you must still obey the “distance rule” from basic Catan, even if you are building on a new island. The Four Islands is the first scenario introduced where new mechanics introduced to Seafarers is brought into the forefront.

When you earn a special victory point, you must place the corresponding catan chit underneath a settlement or city on the board. A shipping route is either “closed” or “open.

The second exception is that open ships may be moved. A chain of connected ships of the same color form a “shipping route”. If you deactivate an active knight adjacent to the sea hex occupied by the pirate, you may move the pirate. You are then allowed to steal one cayan resource from any one player who has a ship adjacent to that hex! You might even discover the The concepts introduced in Seafarers were part of designer Klaus Teuber ‘s original design for Settlers.


Catan: Seafarers | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Introduced in the newer editions, Cloth for Catan continues the adventures with the Forgotten Tribe. The first exception is that roads may not be built on sea routes and ships may not be built on paths.

Except where noted below, Catan: You have the longest trade route. Each game brings you to new seas and new lands. There are some red marks on the main cover of box. Instead, the ship pieces represent a “shipping route”.

The Forgotten Tribeoriginally titled Friendly Neighborswas a downloadable scenario but only in the German language which was incorporated into newer editions of Seafarers.

Whenever the number on a gold field hex is rolled, players collect resources for each adjacent settlement or city. Seek adventure over the seas with the addition of ocean tiles and new terrain. There can only be one ship OR one road along any given coastal hex side see the Catan rules on road building.

Unlike road pieces, ships may be moved. In such cases, start the robber off the board just like the pirate.

Catan Seafarers

The scenario was previously available for older editions as a downloadable scenario but only in Germantitled Coffee for Catan. When playing the “Road Building” development card in a game of Seafarers, you have the option of building 2 roads, 2 ships, or 1 ship and 1 road. Players who are eligible for resources from a gold field hex may select ANY of caatn five resources grain, lumber, xatan, brick, or wool.

When playing with the “Seafarers” expansion, you must seafsrers that certain actions applying to roads are also possible tor ships. Imprint Contact IP Policy. Home Games Expansions Seafarers.