chesterxyv/ or read it from the . Chester XYV is powered by WordPress with ComicPress. Subscribe . “Chester is everything I wish I could be in a robot boyfriend and Jess Fink is everything I wish I could be as an artist. This is the most sexcellent book you.

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Outside of that, there’s the story which tells the tale of newlyweds who seem to be sexually incompatible.

Chester 5000 (Book 1)

Related to Sunstonemaybe? I wished Fink would have had some dialogue at certain areas of this story because it could have definitely elevated the story a bit. An ongoing graphic novel about a woman, her too-busy scientist husband, and the robot he builds. For readers who like a bit of wit to their erotica, Fink also has a lot of Freudian chster with keys, keyholes, and hardware.

A perfect blend of sex and storytelling. As he finds out during their honeymoon, Priscilla has quite an appetite for bed games, and he worries about how he will handle the situation when duty calls. With no words to rely on, Fink still manages to tell a coherent love story full of emotion and beautiful art – Words are overrated!

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December 30th, at 6: In the spirit of a true engineer, he makes the only logical decision: Then – since it’s an amazing wordless graphic novel – I cjester to buy a hardback copy to keep on my shelves. Priscilla is fed up with being neglected by her husband and with the loyal sexbot doting on her both in and out of the bedroom she soon finds herself falling in love with Chester. Mar 11, Romane rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pricilla is a woman who knows what she wants, and she wants it often.


This one was the best of the three. A Victorian lady falls in love with the sexbot her inventor husband made her because he didn’t want to have sex with her.

Thank you for reading this puerile review of what was actually an oddly sweet and elegantly drawn wordless story about a Victorian couple and the steampunk sex robot the disinterested husband builds for his wife. Dec 24, Shirly rated it really liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book.

The answer is simple: The old cliche is that no one watches porn for the story. He has many useful 50000 and tries very hard to please. So, I guess this review is about chesyer story and the art, which I thought were inventive and fun. Except for the brunette, that is; nothing could explain why she’s attracted to the inventor after she’s seen him treat his wife with such violence, but I guess that’s where we shrug an Victorian Robot Porn!

Jan 18, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: A steampunky love story told with no dialogue, only sound effects and excellent expressions. She inherited the small amount of wealth she has from her deceased Husband and lived a somewhat lonely life dhester Chester came along.

Chester XYV | The Comics Journal

This adds dimension to the sex sequences. Chester XYV is a story driven erotic comic set in the Victorian era. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Robert wasn’t anticipating this turn of events and he’s not exactly happy about it either but you’ll have to read the comic for yourself to find out what he does about it. The first half of Chester is collected in a book or PDF for your reading pleasure pages, published by TopShelf comics.


Chester XYV by Jess Fink

It came up as a suggestion here on GR. Is it necessary for a robot to climax? Mar 17, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: To do the job for him he creates a robot named Chester, which is exceptionally in bed InTCJ collected anecdotes from various comics creators, excerpted here.

This marks the second comic with dick in it that I’ve read intotaling cheser more than last year.

It reads a bit like a xyg movie, and it does it incredibly well. Not once did the thought of Robby wanting to have sex with Anne ever cross my mind.

The drawings were fun and the nakedness was amusing. The whole thing was silly, but it was meant to be. You need to login to do this.

I really like Jess Fink’s work for This is the first graphic novel I’ve read that didn’t have any words, and also the first that’s specifically erotic. Had I the good sense to do so, I would not have picked this up at all, realizing this is not a work directed at chesster with my fancies.