Christian Mickelsen grew up on welfare programs. He was bullied as a kid and as an adult. He became a life coach, struggled financially for years, broke. Results 1 – 12 of 13 How To Quickly Get Started As A Personal Coach: Get Paid Big Money To Change People’s Lives. Jul 14, by Christian Mickelsen. Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Christian Mickelsen (@sen).

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Times 1 Bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Over the years I had a lot of ups and downs learning everything about coaching.

But deep down I knew coaching was what I was meant to do. I worked at a job that I hated just to make money and get by until my business took off. The 2 simple ways to instantly position yourself as an expert so that clients trust you and immediately want to work with you. I quit my job, ended the relationship, and got back into shape. I fell way behind on my mortgage and car payments and I was ashamed people would find out I was struggling. Exactly what to say to get clients instantly intrigued to work with you instead of what most people do, which confuses them and turns them off.


Harv EkerAuthor, N. Christian Mickelsen writes more about his personal growth and developing his career: Christian Mickelsen writes in a Facebook post about developing his career — and also helping other coaches: I cried tears of joy when I got my first paying coaching client. It was hard to market myself as a success coach when I felt like such a failure.

I nearly quit several times to get a regular job with a regular paycheck.

Christian Mickelsen – Business Success and Money Mindset Health

Slowly, over several very stressful years, I cracked the code and created a fantastic living for myself as a coach. If you want to open yourself to the flow of Abundance in your life, read this book today!

I was out of shape. But, I went for it. Are you a business coach or have you considered becoming one?

Christian Mickelsen – Business Success and Money Mindset Health

It took me a lot of years, a lot of hard work, and a lot of trial and error to figure all of this stuff out. I love how appreciative all my clients are. Learn more about programs, free reports and more at his site: I found out about coaching dhristian I hired a coach. Other coaches wanted to know what I was doing and 5 hired me to coach them.


Everything in my life was a mess. So I read a book every week for 36 weeks in a row and I tried everything I could think of for getting clients.

I taught a hard and valuable lesson to an attendee of my recent Client-Getting Mastery event. I had a mickslsen of doubts about whether I should do it, could do it, and if I would be good at it. I had a business that was really just a money pit. I started out as christin client. I give this book my highest recommendation. People in this world are really hungry for the kind of support that coaching provides. You were put on this Earth for a reason.

Christian Mickelsen | Brave Masters

Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try. The world needs you and I want to help you help all the clients who need your support. Eventually, Cnristian decided to try out being a coach.