Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies, written over six centuries ago, is neither simple nor simplistic. As the first known history of women in Western. Who was Christine de Pizan? Christine was the first female writer to earn a living from her work. She was born in Venice in around and moved to France as. Advice and guidance for women of all ages, from Europe’s first professional woman writer Written by Europe’s first professional woman writer.

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Written over years ago Christine De Pizan was the first female professional author.

The Treasure of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan | : Books

Christine de Pizan also seen as de Pisan ; French pronunciation: She believes all that she reads instead pjzan putting her mind to listing all the great deeds women have accomplished.

But it is very true that many foolish men have claimed this because it displeased them that women knew more than they did. At a time in which women were considered to be ruled by passion, while men were ruled by reason, de Pizan argues strongly that women should also be ruled by reason. Pizan produced a large number of vernacular works, in both prose and verse.

In Livre du Corps de policie The Book of the Body Politicpublished in and dedicated to the dauphin, [12] Pizan set out a political treatise which analysed and described the customs and governments of late medieval European societies.

It is in this catalogue of virtue that the book was probably at its most effective among de Pizan’s intended audience. She also advocates in favor of education for women. View all 17 comments. And she would be pissed. Christine made her living as a writer after the death of her husband, and did well enough to support a pzan library of her own at a time when books were expensive and christiine.

Christine and Lady Rectitude also discuss the institution of marriage, addressing Christine’s questions regarding men’s claims about the ill qualities women bring to marriage. Similarly, if I am pizaan good woman, it can’t be that all women are bad. She tells Christine to “take the spade of [her] intelligence and dig deep to make a trench all around [the city] … [and Reason will] help to carry away the hods of earth on [her] shoulders.


She constructed three allegorical figures — Reason, Justice, and Rectitude — in the common pattern of literature in that era, when many books and poetry utilized stock allegorical figures to express ideas or emotions. As I read the first part of The Book of cgristine City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan, it portrayed and reflected on how women in the early s were treated unequally in comparison to men, and encouraged ladiees to take a stand.

For more than seventy christinne, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic christlne in the English-speaking world.

Christine de Pizan also seen as de Pisan —c. Overall, The book of the city of Ladies in which I found extremely interesting inspired many people back then and still inspires and encourages women now to stand up for themselves.

Her Life and Works.

These Virtues — Reason, Rectitude, and Justice — help Christine build the foundations and houses of the city, as well as pick the women who will reside in the city of ladies. Quite simply this book changed my life and is a must for any lladies feminist.

Pizan published 41 known pieces of poetry and prose in her lifetime and she gained fame across Europe as the first professional woman writer. Her arguments are balanced, neither going through solely Reason or Rectitude or Justice but through all three.

The stories draw from an impressive range of mythology and biblical history.

Let us suppose they did this intending to draw fools away from foolishness. Christine asks the virtues if women should be taught as men are and why some men think women should not be educated.

They have come to help Ladiew build a safe haven for women since they have gotten the short end of the stick throughout history. Book of Deeds of Arms and of Chivalry. The Treasure of the City of Ladies. They’re ladeis just sitting around waiting for the Plague to blow over, telling each other stories.

To help Christine see reason, Lady Reason comes and teaches Christine. Her Life and Works New York: The Book of the City of Ladies.

The Book of the City of Ladies – Wikipedia

The book, and therefore the city, contains women of past eras, ranging from pagans to ancient Jews to medieval Christian saints. The list is depressingly familiar – women cannot be as strong chrisfine men, women conspire to make mens’ lives miserable, they are incapable of creating as men do, and even that most vicious excuse for criminals everywhere, ‘women secretly want to be raped’.


The Political Theory of Christine de Pizan. While I found it a worthwhile experience, Lafies remember thinking that the women were not portrayed in a very kind light all the time in his ccity. Each woman added to the city adds to Pizan’s argument towards women as valued participants in society.

She mixes literature and and history, Christian examples and pagan ones and from a Protestant standpoint her exegesis and hermeneutics as far as we can see them and apart from Marianism are irreproachable. In recent decades, de Pizan’s work has been returned to prominence by the efforts of scholars such as Charity Cannon Willard and Earl Jeffrey Richards. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the ensuing years.

I read this in the 9th grade and I know what a walkman is, so you can judge for yourself how long ago that wasso I’m pretty sure that a I didn’t precisely get the maximum value out of the text, and b my memories do not do the book justice.

I loved it because when I put myself in that position it was truly empowering, but at the same time there were many things that were hard for my 21st century mind to understand, especially in the last part in which Justice talked about the martyrs and their glorious martyrdoms, or Christine’s last message to women where I felt a little let down. I can’t wait to get my copy!

The Essential Historical Writings. By women, women’s fame could reach the skies, Christinw perhaps than men’s renown could rise.

The Book of the City of Ladies

Oct 28, Lynn Weber rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pizan combats Meun’s statements about women by creating an allegorical city of ladies. In Part II, Lady Rectitude says she will help Christine “construct the houses and buildings inside the walls of the City of Ladies” and fill it with inhabitants who are “valiant ladies of great renown”. She also uses the ‘selective quotation’ tactic against the misogynistic authors she criticizes in a really good way, quoting their citty – Greco-Roman mythology and culture and the Bible – in a way that only highlights pro-woman content and refutes their own misogynistic propaganda.