Edilizia residenziale convenzionata a torre, Nuovo Portello. Milan, Italy. Project by Cino Zucchi Architetti Milano, Italy. The project tries to integrate a series of building types responding to contemporary lifestyles and values into a sequence of public spaces carefully designed as. A sizable development has been undertaken by the Milanese architect Cino Zucchi, on a site of the former Alfa Romeo factory. Zucchi drew on.

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Bjarke Ingels – BIG. Their apparently casual disposition seeks the best views toward the new landscaped park; the overhanging balconies are grouped in vertical volumes by a thin metal structure, and generate unified figures which articulate the height of the buildings.

The Future Towers containing more than apartments designed by international architectural Want to see more like this? Their apparently casual disposition seeks the best views toward the new landscaped park; the overhanging balconies are grouped in vertical volumes by a thin metal structure, and generate unified figures which articulate the height zucchi the buildings.

Very active in theory and teaching, in the past two decades Zucchi has held numerous seminars and conferences in prestigious academies Harvard, Florence, Madrid, Zurich. The immediate perception is that of a dense settlement, created through a closed dialogue between buildings treated as families of autonomous individuals linked by assonances, references, repeated details and mirrored materials. Real Estate Project Managment S. A large trapezoid is cut in half by a highway and organised by Valle in a very elementary way.

Il nostro sito web utilizza i cookie per assicurarti la migliore esperienza di navigazione. Ariatta ingegneria dei sistemi s. On the side toward the park, a large metal screen protects portllo deep loggias of the apartments, conjugating high density with high environmental quality.

Nuovo Portello,Residential and office building | Cino Zucchi Architetti | Archello

Free-market residential buildings The three residential towers rest on a common private garden entered by a single gateway. On the opposite side, three other residential tower buildings overlook the park to define the south front of the block. Architect Diana Carta guides us in a conversation with architect Steven Holl. The windows of varying shape and proportion, the different shutter devices, the deep loggias with steel and glass parapets are disposed following a series of variations which maximize the long views toward the city.


At the same time he seeks to give convincing answers to the possibility of working on the city by working on a medium scale and controlling its fragments.

The project creates a new city part in coherence with the larger process of transformation affecting the area. On the north, the two tower-like buildings of twelve floors define the entrance square and frame the long perspective toward the Fiera di Milano.

Text by Luca Molinari.

In the middle of the area, the volume of the former Alfa Romeo cafeteria is conserved and inflected toward the park by the new path poftello its corner. Toward Viale Serra three residential building volumes running parallel to via Traiano are organized along two elongated courts.

The envisaged urban cion deals with contemporary design issues grafting on the interrupted research of post WWII reconstruction in Milano and its interesting breed between the conservation of city form and the response to modern life issues.

pirtello Summoned later to work on it were Valle himself, who did the first work on a shopping centre, followed by Cino Zucchi and Guido Canali for the residence and Charles Jencks with Andreas Kipar and Land for the urban park.

The first completed housing unit, designed by Cino Zucchi, is located behind the shopping centre whose outsized central portico launches one of the pedestrian trajectories to define the porte,lo limit of the block facing the park.

Former Alfa Romeo factory 2b-2c area urban plan, Nuovo Portello

Zucchi has produced a series of well-known and award-winning projects, directed primarily at redesigning industrial, rural and historical sites, such as the former Junghans factory in Venice; sector 2b-2c in the former Alfa Romeo Portello factory in Milan; the port of Epano Skala cnio Mytilene-Lesbos; and reformation of the mining areas of Herten in the Ruhr and Keski Pasila portwllo Helsinki.

Subsidized residential tall buildings Nuovo Portello The two tall buildings, one adjoining via Traiano and the other set back from the street give form together zucchii a new square which is the starting point of the path toward the park framing the front of the Milano Fair.

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Four sectors, one occupied by the park, and the others allocated to housing, both pkrtello and subsidised, are linked by diagonal pedestrian paths relate to the equipped axis via a bridge. View All Product Specifications 1 manufacturer.


The slice of original facade on Via Traiano having being salvaged, the rest of the building that follows, wedged in as far as the centre of the block, is treated with a cladding in long slabs of horizontal Cardoso hewn stone and with glass and aluminium frames.

Three eight-floor high slabs are unified by zuucchi walls into a single block.

The area formerly occupied by the Alfa Romeo factory at Portello, wedged between the QT8 and the fair, zicchi reappraised towards the end of the s by Gino Valle, who designed its masterplan. Photography by Cino Zucchi. Nuvola Lavazza, urban regeneration in Turin, designed by Cino Zucchi.

Subsidized residential tall buildings, Nuovo Portello

In the midst of the area, the restored facade of the former Alfa Romeo cafeteria generates an extruded volume inflected toward the park by the new diagonal cut. The anomalous scale of the existing industrial Alfa Romeo precinct is opened to collective use by tracing a new series of pathways connecting it with the surrounding urban net. Italian architect and young talent in Italian architecture of Their orientation maximizes solar exposure and the views toward the new park while protecting the intervention from the high traffic noise.

The scalar anomaly of the existing industrial Alfa Romeo precinct is opened to collective use by tracing a series of new pathways well connected with the surrounding urban grid and to the larger renovation plan envisioned by Gino Valle. His design is not imposed, but builds new relationships with the context and within the new block, ensuring a positively anomalous condition for a speculative project. Their gable profile toward the city side and the use of a warm and textured surface material – decoloured terracotta tiles – resonate with the surrounding dense urban fabric, while the abstract composition of the loggias piled up as toy blocks carved out from a solid body and the white Trani stone inserts dissolve their silhouette toward the park.