This book by Bass Drum Control () author Colin Bailey is written for Colin helps drummers become more comfortable with phrasing drum solos, and. Colin Bailey – Drum Solos – The Art of Phrasing. Report. Published on Oct- View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook. Booktopia has Drum Solos, The Art Of Phrasing by Chief Curator Colin Bailey. Buy a discounted Paperback of Drum Solos online from.

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Ben was an original. Bailey said there were two incidents in that signalled to him that jazz as the prevailing national music was coming to an end. It’s hard to get over that.

Drum Solos: The Art of Phrasing – Colin Bailey – Google Books

I was playing with these terrible groups but it was wonderful. Her sister used to collin at the local record shop playing these 78 records.

I miss her terribly. Bailey has been around long enough to have met his wife when she was working in a record store where they were still spinning 78s for the customers to og able to see an old video clip of him playing on a TV show with Ben Webster that’s posted on YouTube.

And the scene in California, in L.

He was one of the most beautiful players who ever played. Bailey played with the legendary Ben Webster during this time. All you need to do is check out his sessions with guitarists Joe Pass and Roy Clark from to wrt how diverse Bailey is as a player. It was a shock playing with George Shearing after playing with Chet. The drum-bass combo lasts about a minute, and then the piano kicks in.

There is always someone, in the career of any artist, who plays the important role of mentor – the person who makes the artist want to be better all the time.


Colin Bailey – Bass Drum Control – Revised (Book + CD)

There was a club in Berkeley we played — At forget what that was called. Bailey said he and his wife Jan decided not to live in England and they emigrated to Australia. Newer Post Older Post Home.

This isn’t music that gets a lot of airplay today, unfortunately. They can be outsized and outrageous think Buddy Rich. He had a Dixieland band. But he caught a lucky break. As for the quality of the music that the group played when he was just seven, Bailey says now that he’d “love to hear that on a recording.

Bailey also believes that “jazz has phraing a lot of people off. It was very pleasant,” Bailey said.

Guaraldi was not yet nationally known, but he was highly respected by his peers. That’s why he got a nice sound, beautiful sound when the three instruments play in unison. I’m trying to keep as busy and occupied as I can, to take my mind off it. We played phraing all the time. I always got a lesson from him then. He has a lot to show for the kid of 15 who first stepped outside those school gates knowing he was going to be a drummer.

He was not yet 10 when World War II started blazing across Europe, but he remembers that time in the more fractured, compartmentalized way a child sees huge events – a war is not seen as sweeping and gigantic to a child, but is experienced in small personal ways. I phrasinb amazed by it,” said Bailey.

My uncle was in the band. So he offered me the gig and fired his drummer and got me. Bailey was hired as her personal drummer and she would go on to become quite famous.


Bailey is bailley active, playing drums in jazz bands and teaching. There were two drummers auditioning and the other guy was probably better but they liked my sense of humor,” said Bailey. From that, we went to Australia on a tour in and we were on tour for 15 months in Australia and New Zealand.


So it may come as no surprise that Bailey subbed for the band’s regular drummer, Ed Shaughessy, for about six tje. And he’s played with just about every major jazz figure in the 20th century — and then some.

I played with him inand part of Her name was Jan, Janet, and we met when we were 16 in Swindon. Afterwards he said, I like the way you play. The music hits a beautiful, easy stride. V-disc was short for “victory discs. But Bailey doesn’t always baailey jazz.

Colin Bailey (Author of The Fire House Book)

Bailey also got a gig playing with the Australian Jazz Quartet, which opened for, of all groups, The Kingston Trio when that popular folk group aet Australia in But on Saturdays Jan started to go in there to help, they were busy on Saturdays, and that’s where we met,” said Bailey.

Then later Bakley played with a band called The Firecrackers that had the most ridiculous lineup – two trumpets, a violin – I mean it was just ridiculous. The bossa nova craze, epitomized by “The Girl From Ipanema,” had also come and gone by the late s. It would be like 3 o’clock in the morning and he would eat thhe big bowl of chili. Talk about heaven, to play with him and Monty bassist Monty Budwig on a regular basis, it was unbelievable.