Cordia dodecandra in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Color/Appearance: Color ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with either a green or purple hue, with darker bands of black growth rings intermixed. It’s the Ciricote, CORDIA DODECANDRA, a member of the Borage Family, in which we also find Bluebells, Forget-me-nots, Comfrey and Borage itself.

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Views Read Edit View history. Fruit production was estimated as the proportion of flowers forming fruit at maturity for each pollination treatment. Increased floral size, derived mainly from long corolla tubes, has been associated with the short-styled morph in other distylous species including several Amsinckia species, genus Glandoraand Lithospermum densiflorum Boraginaceae; Ganders, ; Li and Johnston, ; Ferrero et al.

Distylous flowers may also differ in ancillary traits, such as pollen grain size and number, stigmatic papillae morphology, stigma shape and corolla size Dulberger, ; Richards, ; McCubbin, ; Ferrero et al.

Distylous conditions are usually accompanied by self-incompatibility, genetically preventing intramorph reproduction. The doddecandra indices are calculated from sodecandra single sex organ height value e. Cordia dodecandra and C. Archived from the original PDF on The authors thank Rodrigo Duno for assistance with floral morphology measurements, Alfredo Dorantes for assistance with field work, Carlos M.

You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Birds and Reserves of the Yucatan Peninsula. Ziricote [14] and bocote [15] are sometimes used as wood for making acoustic guitar backs and sides.


Do you think I can make cutting boards out of ziricote? Contact us Site map Disclaimer. The wood is heavy, averaging out at around kilograms per cubic meter 53 lbs per cubic ftand is naturally very resistant to decay and rot, making it a durable hardwood. The soft, ripe fruit are edible and are made into desserts or are processed into fruit preserves, particularly in the Yucatan, in Mexico. Evolution, Diversity and Mechanisms dodfcandra, pp.

Both Cordia dodecandra and C.

File:Cordia dodecandra Ciricote cozumel Is..jpg

The PCA analysis identified two floral morphologies in Cordia dodecandra. This, in turn, promotes dodedandra intermorph mating, resulting in equal morph ratios within populations Charlesworth and Charlesworth, ; Hodgins and Barrett, Does anyone have a recommended finish for it? It is very dusty, and the dust is somewhat sticky. Cordia sebestena individuals were sampled at a relatively homogenous area of sand dune vegetation formed by the coastal towns of Chicxulub, Uaymitun and Telchac Puerto.

When plotted, the first and second PCs showed the two floral morphologies: Sectional placement of some problematic Cordia species Boraginaceae.

No responsibility is taken for any information or services that may appear on any linked websites. Identification of the floral morphs in ddoecandra species was done by plotting the subject scores computed on the first two principal components PC in two-dimension graphs.

Retrieved from ” https: Distyly and variation in heteromorphic incompatibility in Gaertnera vaginata Rubiaceae endemic to La Reunion Island. A model for the doecandra of distyly. Established trees produce on average about 35 kg 77 lbs of fruit per year. The American Naturalist Ddecandra or negligible fruit production was observed in the intramorph self-pollination and spontaneous self-pollination treatments Table 3.


Im building an ash bookcase and using Ziricote to make bookends.

Cordia dodecandra – Wikispecies

Comparative floral morphometrics of distyly and homostyly in three evolutionary lineages of Amsinckia Boraginaceae. Dimorphisms and self-incompatibility in the distylous species Palicourea demisa Rubiaceae: It seems to darken a moderate amount with age.

This is a very beautiful wood.

The avoidance of interference between the presentation of pollen and stigmas in Angiosperms II. Growing New plants are usually raised from seed, which remain viable for up to twelve months.

Its corolla is large, red-orange in color, gamopetalous and funnel-form with lobes, and the dodecandrw is usually bi-lobed. Toggle navigation useful plants for warm climates. Medium to fine texture, with good natural luster. Tristyly, self-compatibility and floral variation in Decodon verticillatus Lythraceae. This indicates reciprocal matching within high and low organs, that is, stigma height of long-styled flowers matched anther height in short-styled flowers. This lower reciprocity and precision in C.

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Ziricote turns and finishes well, and in most instances, it can also be glued with no problems.