The leaf of Costus pictus D. Don is considered as an antidiabetic in folklore medicine and is known to reduce the blood sugar, similar to insulin. PDF | To explore the micro morphology and physicochemical parameters of the leaves of Costus pictus D. Don (Costaceae). Macroscopy. Painted Spiral Ginger is a perennial herb, native to Mexico. It has long narrow leaves with a characteristic wavy edges. The bases of the sheaths are mottled with.

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In comparison with control, PTU-induced hypothyroid rats exhibited a significant decrease in body weight. MDA was measured according to the method described by Ohkawa et al.

Costus pictus ‘Red Stem’

Don which is also known as the insulin plant or ‘spiral ginger’, is a plant whose leaves have been shown to have a hypoglycemic effect when consumed. It also ameliorated hypercholesterolemia, decreased the levels of plasma inflammatory markers, suppressed tissue oxidative stress and prevented hepatic and renal damage caused due to thyroid hormone depletion. He has more than 75 publications.

Blood samples were collected 2 h after glucose injection. Assessment of hepatic and renal oxidative stress Liver and kidney tissues were homogenized using 0. Glucose tolerance Glucose tolerance was assessed by method described by Yuan lictus al. High-density lipoprotein; H group: Pharmacological properties of the ubiquitous natural product betulin.


A leaf-a-day keeps diabetes away

Interactions between thyroid disorders and kidney disease. Effect of Vitamin E supplementation. Don is considered as an antidiabetic in folklore medicine and is known to reduce the blood sugar, similar to insulin.

Ferric reducing antioxidant power assay Antioxidant ppictus of C.

Rats in C group did not receive any intervention throughout the experimental period. A standard curve was generated using different concentrations of FeSO 4 solutions. This confirmed the successful induction of hypothyroidism in the experimental groups under study.

Dr Sudha Rao, chief operating officer, Genotypic Technology, mentioned to Biospectrumthat, “When Dr Ramasamy told about the benefits of the leaves of insulin plant, we immediately got excited to unravel the probable mode of action quickly using next generation sequencing. Effect of Costus pictus extract on plasma C-reactive protein levels measured at the end of the study. Ferric reducing antioxidant power; HDL: Treatment with the extract resulted in remarkable improvement in thyroid profile.


The difference in mean values among the groups was analyzed using one-way analysis of variance ANOVA with Bonferroni post hoc test for anthropometric parameters, tissue oxidative stress markers and plasma inflammatory markers.

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry; MDA: The preventive effect of Costus pictus leaf extract in experimental hypothyroidism was evaluated in the present study.

Costus pictus – Wikidata

Tumor necrosis factor alpha; TAS: The leaf of Costus pictus D. Although this is the first study to report the beneficial effect of C. Plasma ALT level showed an increase, but it was not significant.

Antioxidant capacity of C. Devi VD, Urooj A. Further investigations at molecular level are needed to conclusively prove the exact mechanism by which C. Int J Diabetes Metab. Treatment with Costus pictus leaf extract in hypothyroid rats significantly improved the thyroid profile. Monday, 31 December Hypothyroid group rats exhibited dramatic increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH levels with costud depletion in the levels of thyroid hormones.