Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. Crystallizing Public Opinion is a book written by Edward Bernays and published in . Larry Tye, The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations; New York: Crown, ; ISBN ; pp. 96– CRYSTALLIZING. PUBLIC OPINION by. EDWARD L. BERNAYS. Counsel on Public Relations. Former Lecturer on Public Relations. andAdjunct Professor.

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Crystallizing Public Opinion – Wikipedia

Public opinion may be as much the producer of “insidious propaganda” as its product. Ctystallizing far the larger number give out infor- mation. In Paul Garrett widely circulated his pamphlet on the im- portance of public relations, entitled Industry’s Oinion One Job. The mayor of each city officially received and sent the first messages issued on commercial inter-city radio waves.

He invokes the concept of ” stereotype ” described by Walter Lippmannnoting that the stereotypes people already hold govern what new facts they will absorb. Pulpits throughout the country supported the peace cause.

With the forces of progress gain- ing, greater emphasis and reliance were placed on public opinion.

He chose for his first work an extremely interesting article by a well-known physician, written about the interest- ing thesis that “the pace that kills” is the slow, cystallizing, dull routine pace and not the pace of life SCOPE AND FUNCTIONS 17 under high pressure, based on work which in- terests and excites.

None of us begins to understand the consequences, but it is no dar- ing prophecy to say that the knowledge of how to create consent will alter every political premise.

A series of events which would carry with them the desired implications were planned and executed. The horse and buggy idea that public relations was propaganda, appeared side by side with the newer concept.

Also, of equal significance I would rate Bernays’ undertaking on stereotypes, susceptibility to suggestion, preconceptions characteristic to the public mind. The public relations counsel who was retained to direct this work recognized that the first problem to be solved was America’s indifference to and ignorance about Lithuania and its desires.


The counsel on public relations, after examination of the sources of established beliefs, must either dis- credit the old authorities or create new authori- ties by making articulate a mass opinion against the old belief or in favor of the new. The ordinary person is a very temporary member of a hy number of groups. Organizations of business and professional men reprinted the symposium by the thousands and distributed it free of charge, doing so because the material contained in the symposium was of great interest.

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

The story of what these leaders in Ameri- can business had undertaken to do went out to the country by mail, by word of mouth, by newspaper comment. It was evident to all who saw the pictures or read the story that this king had really stirred the affectionate interest of the national elements that make up America. Without attempting- to take too seriously an amusing story printed in a recent issue of a New York newspaper, leaders in movements and in- dustries of modern life will be inclined to agree with the protagonist of publicity spoken of.

The most obvious of these forces are parental influence, the school -room, the press, motion pictures, advertising, maga- zines, lectures, the church, the radio. Educa- tion and literacy spread. The strong tendency towards that religious ra- tionalism which centuries later was called secular- ism, at a very early stage of Greek civilization produced a sceptical attitude towards the pro- nouncement of seers.

He is a practitioner with a wide range of instruments and a definite technique for their use. The woman who stayed at home was brought into contact with the silk through her child. The Century of the Self. This faith led to some disillusion- ment, but at the same time helped to further the process of democracy in public life, and provide the background for a greater awareness of the use of communications media as tools to shape attitudes.

Generally speaking, the relationship and interaction of the public and any movement is rather obvious. These judgments are the tools of his daily being and yet they are his judgments, not on a basis of research and logical deduction, but for the most part dogmatic expressions accepted on the authority of his parents, his teachers, his church, and of his social, his economic, and other leaders.


The Eclair to-day calls on the new premier to ‘find his own Lord Riddell in the French diplomatic and parlia- mentary world, who can give the world the French interpretation. That development was still to come.

Crystallizing Public Opinion is about the art and science of Public Relations. I found l.bernayw compelling his views on the “herd instinct” explaining how mass perception works, how marginal their sense of reality is, and how the public mind needs to be managed by an educate As the founder of public relations counsel, Edward Bernays speaks of the increasing opiniion of the public relations counsel both as a profession and a new field of interest.

Public opinion must become public conscience. Walter Lipmann’s views are also highly visible through the writing. In the Middle Ages, society was convinced that there were witches.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Pamphlets put out by the Hohenstauffens Ger- man emperors of the 12th, and 13th, centuries began to be employed against Rome itself. Steve Killian rated it really liked it Jun 09, We cdystallizing here with sig- nificant uniformity what one psychologist has called “logic-proof compartments. The first known newsletter was issued in by the.

The ballot became important. National magazines increased their circulation. In reality, “the only difference between ‘propaganda’ and ‘education,’ really, is in the l.bernnays of view. These factors encouraged interest in public re- lations, accelerated by the publication of Crystal- Using Public Opinion. He reflected to those communities whose crystallized opinion would be helpful in guiding other opinions, facts which gave them basis for conclusions favorable to Lithuania.

He is no primitive drum-beater The public relations practitioner, therefore, must tap into the current of group energy. They argue from the one to the other.