The Aratari Handbook has been replaced by the current Dagorhir Rules, called the Manual of Arms (on Dagorhir’s national website). The Manual of Arms. This guide will explain almost everything you need to know about how to get started playing Dagorhir. The Rules. The rules, or the Manual of. Dagorhir Battle Games is a live action role-playing game (battle game) with full- contact melee The rules of the manual of arms, as well as those pertaining to combat, are upheld by an effective honor system which applies to all players.

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You completely neglected to include the list of explicitly banned weapons: It is imperative that you strike your rulees as hard as possible the weapons are checked for safety at each battle. Fold the edges and sew it, and work some rope through the newly formed hem.

Dagorhir Battle Games: The Aratari Handbook

Units typically adopt a particular historical or fantastical race or nationality and dress, act, and fight according to interpretation of the group. Being a full contact sport the possibility of injury exists. Copies of dagorhie will be made available to healers at each battle, if they do not provide their own. The Herald is the Dagorhir equivalent to a referee. It is usually required to have a release form signed and notarized before engaging in any activities.

Dagorhir Belegarth Rules Comparison

rles However, Arab, Samurai, Zulu, or Roman characters are also fine. Chapter IV Striking zones. Usually, volunteers are called for after the teams have been chosen, before the beginning of the battle. Most groups will keep an armory of weapons for loaning to new members or guests.


Dagorhir is open to the public, membership is free of charge [8] though larger events often have a nominal fee charged by the host to cover costs and participation requires only a small start-up cost to obtain weapons and garb. Barbarian Trading Post Rules No money is allowed to change hands. Spikes must extend at least 4″ above the face of the shield and should be made of dense or compacted foam.

Dagorhir Belegarth Rules Comparison – BelegarthWiki

This includes ‘single-edged’ weapons such as sabers and cutlasses. There must always be someone by the fire attending to it until there are only ashes remaining. Nobility might have crushed velvet, but a yeoman wouldn’t. To participate, you must be either a warrior who fights or a herald. Each unit must supply its own flag Herald, who must stay with the flag, as in a standard flag battle. Fighters typically use foam weapons such as swordsflailsspearsbows and arrowsjavelinsaxesand other medieval weapons.

Dagorhir is a battle gaming group which is more akin to a wargame than a live-action roleplaying game LARP. Leggings are simply cloth or fur wrapped about the shins and held on by rope, cloth, or leather straps. The first lost leg counts as the horse’s death, so the limb is still there for battle purposes. A person is allowed to hit as hard as they can, and I expect it dagohrir I go on the field. Think of the game as more of a Reenactment Sport. These rules are for your protection. If you’d rather buy yourself some nice looking and well made weapons here are a few highly reviewed vendors you can buy from: Adgorhir they felt dagorhif they stood dagorhiir and fought again.

However, the Aratari Handbook provides a glimpse into the ruoes Dagorhir. Once you have selected a core, it is best to pad the tip and quillions if any first.


Groups across the nation hold events open to the public, and first-time fighters generally have their battle fee, if there is one, waived. You may not use someone else’s javelin as a spear, and you may not cart anyone else’s dgorhir, rocks, and or javelins around with you. Sound effects also help, such as yelling, screaming and cursing in battle. Rulees just attended my first event over this weekend. Being in character also means obeying your commander, grieving over or avenging a comrade’s death, and screaming or moaning when wounded.

ruled Dagorhir battles generally fall into 2 categories – field battles and woods battles. We highly encourage, in fact we insist that you read it more than once, especially before battles.

Child of Valor Bairn of Battle harm has come your way, Blood of Bravery be renewed to fight another day.

Wiese chose seven die-hard Dagorhir members to form a council, who would vote on new policies and help to run the events. The Art of Living and Dying In the attempt to set the mood and re-create the atmosphere of battle it is very important that each participant become some character he or she has made up.

In some cases the release form must be notarized.

The only “script” used is the type of battle that will be fought. Fighters generally call ‘garb’ to indicate a shot that tangled in clothing dagorrhir weapons, and would not have impacted a valid target area.