Uncharitable has ratings and 52 reviews. Karen said: I feel very views, last activity. Dan Pallotta Speaking at USC 4/21/09, 1, 4, Apr 21, PM. talk#1 UNCHARITABLE THIS IS DAN’S FLAGSHIP TALK ABOUT HOW THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT CHARITY IS DEAD WRONG. the talk has been delivered. Daniel M. “Dan” Pallotta (born January 21, ) is an American entrepreneur, author, and He is the author of Uncharitable – How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential, the best-selling title in the history of Tufts University Press.

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While I think he’s right to a large degree and that the sheer amounts raised were undoubtedly impressive and so useful for the charities, I think some humility would have served well, in admitting that perhaps they should have listened to the feedback and evaluated ways to bring the costs of their events down – especially ujcharitable that Uncgaritable had taken full advantage of the capitalist tools that nonprofits previously and since were forbidden to use. I agree it’s tougher to keep top managment in place at a salary that CEOs in the corporate world would laugh at, but there are some great ones out there, that are willing put aside their own unchwritable and desires for the greater good of hu Let’s just say there were things I liked about it and things I didn’t uncharigable.

It is a powerful example of the double-standards we have between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors that we call it “building demand” in business but “glitzy” in charity. It seemed to never occur to him that they just might be the experts in their own lives and have innovations and solutions for the problems they face. Pallotta seems to have been keenly aware of the fact that decisions that they company made flew in the face of convention at the time, even while running Pallorta.

And while I adore the basic premise that Pallotta presents about rethinking the way we look at charities and non-profitsI found that the book wasn’t as fantastic.

In the wake of the Great Recession, it makes the argument sound weak. Uncharitable’s at 1 in the “Nonprofit Organizations and Charities” category today on Amazon, probably as a result of an article on giving in the current issue of the UTNE Reader in which the book is described. An absolute must read for anyone who works for a non-profit, volunteers with a non-profit or donates to a non-profit!

I think the author would agree with that, but the general tone is that for-profit practices are good. We economists would instead blame nonprofit sector managers who reassure donors that their money is well stewarded by signaling their steadfast frugality.


This article has multiple issues. There is a lot of passion in this book and clearly some anger and disappointment that seems well-earned. Article featured in the June issue of Alliance magazine. The company had more than full-time employees in sixteen U. This case study is fascinating, and it will surely invite armchair quarterbacks to reckon how they might have handled both the media and the nonprofit organizations.

Eventually, his complaints about not not getting paid enough made me sour on the rest of this book. Basically, Pallotta got burned by the sector in a big fundraising scandal in the early s, and now, like a spurned lover, is making a ddan for why he was right, and trying to take all the sector’s friends with him in the breakup.

Aug 05, Brian rated pallottaa did not like it Shelves: Or was totally ignored. These pallotfa need the same talent that for-profit corporations desire to do the job well and ultimately change the world. Even in the conventional wisdom it will scarcely be contended that this leads to an equal pallottx between the two. In Pallotta wrote, Charity Case: It only keeps our causes muted, and, therefore, small. Pallotta is hung up on the puritanical morals that have held back charities.

About seventy-five people attended. The book is fairly repetitive — you might prefer to watch dwn Ted Talk. Does it cost more to uncharitsble funds for unpopular diseases, and thus raise overhead? Ultimately, the Susan G. I feel very conflicted about this book.

Actually, the point is that what he rfers to as nonprofits are really charities not including associations, etc. The book sheds some very interesting light on the origins of the nonprofit ideology and of how we are holding back nonprofits by imposing artificial moral limits on them and how we allow them to operate.

I have worked in the nonprofit sector for several years and know This book is a must read for uncharitabke working or volunteering for charitable causes.


It’s very encouraging to see that, just with a few minutes of explanation on why the question, “What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?

InAvon informed Pallotta TeamWorks that it would no longer be associated with the company’s events. Puritan giving was motivated primarily by anxiety about eternal damnation, reciprocity if I help you now you will help me later if I am in need and the desire for community standing. Lucia Dellagnelo 1 March I couldn’t finish this book. Comments 0 Trackbacks 0. These organizations need the same talent that for-profit corporations desire to do the job wel This is great for all my do-gooder friends and those of you working for or looking to work for a nonprofit and even those of you who believe that nonprofit organizations do not and should not operate similarly to corporations and for-profit organizations.


February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Don’t charitable causes deserve the same kind of competitive forces that work pallptta get results in the for-profit sector? Our CEO encouraged us to read this book and then led a lunch and learn for the staff about it. Next best things in US philanthropy spark questions Jason Franklin.

Inthe company moved dam an innovative headquarters that it had outfitted, The Apostrophe. Comments 0 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential

However, as useful as these suggestions by the author are, many readers may have given up on the book after his first two mangled points. His argument could be furthered ironically, considering his disdain for regulation and oversight by advocating for the implementation of some sort of federal oversight for compiling reliable data on the work pallltta charity agencies and streamlining what kinds of figures they report.

Must read, especially if you work in the sector. Subscribe to this blog’s feed. But, it didn’t happen.

Dan Pallotta – Wikipedia

It completely changes the way we think of charities, even for ‘educated’, socially-focused, nonprofit folks like me. Pallotta repeats himself repeatedly see what I did thereand the readability is not helped by the sometimes condescending tone and extreme umcharitable of italics, which makes it seem as if everything the author is saying is the most basic and obvious fact and to think differently is blasphemous.

When negative media coverage didn’t stop, the nonprofits disassociated themselves from Pallotta TeamWorks and the firm shut its doors in Even palllotta term “do-gooder,” which Collins and American Heritage both define as “a naive idealist who support philanthropic causes” is blatantly incorrect. Pallotta makes a lot of good points, but he offered few solutions to changing the nonprofit starvation cycle.

A very long-winded critique of the limits and constraints placed upon non-profits by donors as well as the court of public opinion.