Datalogic is a world-class producer of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers and vision systems. We offer innovative solutions for many industrial. Skorpio X3 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 8. View and Download Datalogic Skorpio X3 user manual online. Skorpio X3. Skorpio X3 Desktop pdf manual download.

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Decode To recognize a bar code symbology e. It is only available on devices equipped with 2D decoding engines. The Datalogic Locked Web Browser defines some special metatags that allow the web application to interact with the device: Don’t have an account?

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN User Manual

Download Datalogic Professional Services Offering. Enter text from picture: Refer to mmanual web site http: Select by product model: In harsh applications, use of screen protectors should be taken into consideration, in order to extend the touch screen operating life.

Enable Set the minimum bar code label length to be less than Aztec 0B2C If enabled, it also wakes up the mobile computer from low-power see par. Insert the card with the written part upward as shown in the figure and push it in, aided by the stylus, until it clicks into place.

Eviter de regarder fixement le rayon, comme toute autre source lumineuse intense telle que dataloogic soleil. Branches have three dots in the right column Repair Mode To reinstall the firmware, complete xatalogic following maanual Compact Flash card slot accepts either a storage card or a Page 2 Software Version: The administrator can choose for the user to have access to the desktop or not.


Page 32 microwave ovens, radio transmitters, etc.

Datalogic | Downloads

It allows enabling and configuration of Spot Beam and triggering modes. This means users can only access web applications and websites set by the administrator. The field of view indicated by the aiming system pattern will be smaller when the Skorpio X3 Imager is closer to the code and larger when it is farther from the skorpil. Content — name of function to pass serial number to. Don’t show me this message again. Instructs the datlogic to transmit the label data as one or more GS Convert to C Page 4 Charging the Battery Pack The lighted band emitted by the laser must completely intercept the barcode as shown in the figure below.

The mannual LED will flash red when a charging error is detected see par.


Introduction The Skorpio X3 pistol datzlogic version takes advantage of the best handle and trigger in the warehouse industry. The battery level may display incorrectly for several minutes after the Skorpio X3 is disconnected from its charger if the charging cycle is not completed.


Enter text from picture: Non tentare di accedere allo scomparto contenete i componenti ottici o di farne la manutenzione.

Also, the head tag set must be complete within the first 15K of the web page. A tap represents the left click of a mouse. The mobile unit mobile computer may roam among the APs in the same subnet while maintaining a continuous, seamless connection to the wired network.

The name of both the CGI function and the error number variable is completely configurable by the user. Page of Go. At the first startup of the terminal. Error Page Redirection Use the Error Redirection option to provide customized recovery from common errors. Modem Connection Connect the Ethernet cable power port to power supply. Use it to configure the User ID for manhal, Redundancy and Aggressive Decoding if supported by the decoding module.

This allows the user to switch between the various open applications. Contact your Datalogic representative for more information on this feature.

Enter a delay duration in seconds in the combo box. It is organized in three levels of supportin order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

The Registry Administration Main window appears.