A Steve Jobs keynote presentation is an extraordinary expe- rience, and he. a passionate perfectionist and a visionary How I Became a Hindu by David. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastry) Contents Foreword. HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley ( Pandit Vamadeva Shastry).

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European history brought me in contact with the history of the church with its political and military popes and anti-popes. At the age of fifteen I had a remarkable schoolteacher who taught a class on ancient history that opened my eyes about the ancient world. It can even accept Christianity as another line of religious experience but not as the only one or necessarily the best. With my poetic and mystical background, I soon found all such political groups to be too outward in mentality.

How I Became a Hindu by David Frawley – Hindu Online

Though I examined the main yoga teachers and spiritual groups in the West, I didn’t find a teacher among them that I could specifically follow. An American Christian whose uncle worked for a Christian missionary. Hinduism accepts all human approaches dafid religion, including its rejection, being willing to 24 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley accept atheists into its fold.

But of these to act rather than to renounce is the better path. This brought about an intense practice of Self-inquiry that was literally like death, though it was the ego’s death, not that of the body.

Full text of “How I Became A Hindu David Frawley”

Buddhism can be placed in the western model of religion, but without a Creator. I was inspired by some inner energy to write a set of poems about the ancient frswley and the ancient suns that directed me back to the Vedas. He also discusses important issues of the relevance of Hindu Dharma to the West and its encounter with Christianity, includes debate with davud Archbishop of Hyderabad on the issue of conversions in India.


I became involved in the American counterculture about the same time, hanging out with the local hippies and intellectuals in downtown Denver cafes, spending evenings and weekends there. Frawley’s work has also shown the relevance of the Vedas for the rediscovery of the forgotten past of the Old Religion, pejoratively called paganism. Most people in the world are not at the level of high spiritual practices or ready to renounce the world.

Because of my background in poetic symbolism the Vedas made perfect sense to me. Soon I was reading books on physics, cosmology and relativity.

How I Became a Hindu by David Frawley – Hindu Online – PDF Drive

Each prayer would say something like “good for two hundred days in purgatory,” meaning that its recitation would save a person from that amount of suffering after death. During his travel across India he met Swamis, mystical sadhus and siddhas. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. I wanted to do something. The German existential philosopher Heidegger, however, connected me with the concept of Being, which seemed to be the greatest insight in 50 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley existentialism, though generally I found his philosophy to be too complex and verbose.

But the means to do davix is through our culture and way of life. In many contemporary studies of world religions Hinduism is left out altogether.


David Frawley

It must have been spring of Kaul Neelam Kler M. But I can’t draw a line between Hinduism and Vedic dharma, though some people might try to. Return to Book Page. My remarks created a lot of commotion and the priest was shaken.

As a child Frawkey began to think about religion as well.

I had decided to write her as a friend of mine had recently done so and received a reply. Archived from the original on We are part of a society and a collective evolution. Hinu, who I had not seen since he stopped coming to the West a few years earlier.

One could say that there are more religions inside of Hinduism than outside of it. One does not need to make a statement of faith to become a Hindu but simply recognize the importance of dharma.

Later I sent Pandit various chapters of the Cavid Yajur Veda, which I similarly translated and interpreted in a spiritual adhyatmic light.

It is not about conversion but about self-knowledge and about cosmic knowledge because who we are 16 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley is linked to the entire universe. He had to allow his only begotten son to be killed. In my case it was not a question of a quick conversion like accepting Jesus as one’s personal savior or surrendering to Allah.